Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

A little part of me wishes that people would remember why we get a day off of work. We need to remember to cherish our independence from colonial England...there, you've been reminded.

Last weekend, we dressed the kids in Minnesota Twins clothes and brought them to the home of the Minnesota Twins. Yipee! We were joined by my good friends Mark and Paul.

Here's Mom and OhPrincess2 enjoying themselves.

You see, I also have a photoblog, and quite often, I confuse the idea of taking pictures for art's sake with taking pictures for our family's needs.

Sometimes, you just need to take silly pictures :)

Here's Paul and Mark.

Just remember - "It's too high!" is the best way to describe a ball you don't want to be a home run.

Our OhPrincess2 is not really a shy girl. This group of you people went to the ball game, I'm sure, to drink some beer and have a great time. Well, the guys were in for a treat, seems the girls just couldn't have enough fun with our little one and she hung out with them the whole time.

We had a blast at the game. Everyone did.

We even got another Twins victory out of the deal.

Here's the last picture with OhPrincess1 finally showing a smile.

I do have to ask the question, what happened to my baby girls...they don't look like babies any more.

Over the next two weeks, we will be travelling a lot! This weekend we are going to visit friends in Wisconsin for some much needed R&R and then on Tuesday, we begin the journey to the Virginia/Maryland area. Taking the kids on their first airplane vacation. Any bloggers live in that area, let me know! Anywho, watch for live posts from my phone and lots of pictures. I'll be posting when ever I have time!