Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clearing out Thanksgiving & Cribs: Holiday Edition

Whew! The 4 day weekend is over. In a few ways, it will be really nice to get back to work tomorrow. Peace and quiet.

<--This picture was taken Thanksgiving Day. It's the two OhPrincess' and my still pretty fresh niece. Yep, OhCountess dressed every one of them in the same out fit. It's her thing and I've found it is just best to let it ride.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving weekend is the official kickoff to the great season of Christmas. Last weekend I did the prep work. I located all the boxes filled with Christmas crap decorations and got them into the basement to "warm up". 

A step back for all of you people that think cold is 60 F°. Here in Minnesota, if you want flexible wires, you thaw them out first.

Well, today we kicked off the holiday decorating. I've attached a photo of the Christmas tree. It's set up but it's not decorated. Lots to set up, the tree is a big process...I'll leave that for another post...

We also let the girls watch their first holiday movie. You see, we pack all the holiday movies away in the boxes with all the other holiday crap decorations so that no one can cheat and watch them out of season...

I could swear we have more movies then this, but ABC Family Channel seems to take care of the rest.

We try and make the day a lot of fun. OhPrincess1 tries on one of Mom's new holiday rugs.

She got the idea from her sister who found it easier to carry the "Ho, ho, ho" rug to the basement bathroom "Skirt style".

The other big happening of this weekend is the decorating of the outside of the house.
This is "Cribs: Holiday Edition"!

I'm hoping the other dad's that read this will be posting the pictures of the holiday decorating. OK, not really hoping more like, GET OFF THE COUCH, HANG THE DAMN LIGHTS AND TAKE SOME PICTURES!

I shared the pictures a few days ago (Cribs)...winter hadn't really taken hold yet, but apparently, Jack Frost has changed his mailing address for the season cause it's pretty cold and snowy here now.

No fears. I have gloves, hats and a wicked ability to just suck it up and take it. 39 consecutive winters here has given me some serious coping skills.

We really didn't get that much snow yet. One good, warm day and it will be gone, but for now, we have white lawns.

I'm not sure I'm done decorating the outside of the house yet. Since there was snow and ice on the roof, I couldn't get the lights on above the garage. There a few trees that might get the Charlie Brown Christmas motif. I might just let laziness cover me with a warm blanket and say screw's good enough.

Tismee2 over at Squared Off has been posting about her holiday traditions. She seemed to start a bit earlier then I can handle. My plan is to post in near real time our traditions, kind of an as it happens approach. This is mostly because I can't remember them until I've already done them. Suffering from a serious case of CRS Disease (Can't Remember Shit).

I'm quite sure there is more I wanted to write about. I really need to just carry a notebook with me all day. I need a dvr for my brain.

Happy Holidays!


The Father of Five said...

I beat you to it! (Well, at least the post that is...)


Heather said...

I think that is hilarious you have to let your decorations warm up before you can put them up. I'm a bit envious of your motivation. I wish mine were up already. We'll probably do it next weekend. We could have done it this one when it was 45 degrees. But why do that when we can wait until it is 30 degrees?

Weaselmomma said...

I like that your keeping up the cribs motif. We have barely started the decorating thing.

Anonymous said...

You really must get those extra lights up. I have visions of your house looking all twinkly.

Last year we didn't bother with the outside as much and unless I get a rather large kick up the backside I'll not this year either.

WV - ouggjmb - the noise you made whilst carrying the Christmas crap upstairs/downstairs!

Thanks for the mensh!

Nap Warden said...

I need to see the house all lit up! We don't do that so much in the city...
I suppose I gotta go buy a tree:P

OhCaptain said...

FoF - You got me. You were first. We do need the lit up night shots though...

Heather - someone working in engineering should know that metal is more pliable when it is warmer. Here in MN, the high is 20. That's not warmer. My motivation is driven by fear. The longer I wait, the colder it gets. I should have put them up weeks ago.

Weaselmomma - get 'er done! You gonna join the Cribs circle?

Tismee2, Nap Warden - Unless the snow melts on the roof, I ain't going up there unless you guys really want to see "Cribs: Hospitalized Edition". I have lit it up in years past and taken pictures, maybe I'll do a nostalgia edition.

Tismee2 - Consider your butt kicked...and we need pictures.

Nap Warden - being in the Big City is no excuse for not decorating the hell out of the domicile.

Kat said...

At the rate things are going, I will be lucky if I have a house by Christmas...well that might be a bit of exaggeration, but that is how it feels.

Greg said...

Nice pics of the crib....with lights!! I have 1 more string of lights to hang and then I will post the pics of our house. I will also post a daylight pic for the "crib" post that FoF had requested!

Mike said...

Nice post on the prep for Christmas. You know of course I can't allow my wife to see you blog now. She look at and wonder why I haven't gotten off my butt and started hanging our stuff. And we don't 39 degree weather out here....Thanks

Momisodes said...

Oh man. I think I suffer from CRS syndrome as well.
As someone who totally thinks 60 degrees is cold, but now lives in coldville, thank you for the wire warm-up tip :)

Your house look wonderful! I just love holiday decorated homes. We're thinking of putting some up this year. It's our first Christmas in our house!

Mr Lady said...

Dictaphone. Nothing works better. NOTHING.