Monday, October 13, 2003

Twins season over...I'm back again after a period of deep remorse's true, I was upset at the loss to the Yankees. An excellent pitching performance by the Twins pitchers, backed up with zero hitting. I'd have felt humiliated if the Twins got clobbered in every game, but that just wasn't the case. Oh well.

Last night, I was listening to KROC AM radio out of Rochester, MN...they were airing the Savage Nation. I do usually vote democratic, not because I usually agree with them, but more because the Republican candidates are far less appealing...more rants on the First Amendment on another day. Anywho, he was basically calling Al Franken a hypocrit because he criticized Rush Linbaugh for being addicted to drugs while blasting others in the same situation. Al Franken was a hypocrit because he has admitted to using drugs while working on SNL. No, Rush Linbuagh is a hypocrit because he blasted drug users while he was a drug user...aka...a hypocrit. Al Franken doesn't blast drug user...thus... he is not a hypocrit. The greatest problem facing human kind: A complete ignorance for the rules of logic and grammar!