Friday, September 17, 2004

The Minnesota Twins Magic Number!

The Twins Magic Number is 4! And would believe the players from the White Sox are complaining the Twins shouldn't be respected? These numb nuts need to take a look in the mirror. The Twins spanked them this season. The Black Sox would be an awesome team if they actually played like one. And one my all time favorite quotes..."The Dazzle Man" Dan Gladden said "It doesn't take talent to hustle." Sox fans should be asking for their money hussle means no winning. Twins hustle and run out every play. The Twins are winning because they make sure to do the simple things first, like hustle, and then do fancy things. You win baseball games by having more runner cross home plate than the other team. Not complicated, but when you are worried about how you look making the play, or what your stats are, you forget to cross the plate.

Go Twins!