Monday, August 06, 2007

Tis the season of worry

Whitetail just sent me a link to this article on Engadget. Our politicians, not wanting to offend the vendors, don't get it. The act of voting and the act of an accurate count are the corner stones of a democracy. Our politicians seem to think that if we spend enough money on voting machines and keep the manufacturers happy, we can have democracy.

B as in B and S as in S!

I know there are flaws in the paper ballot system and no system is perfect. But at least paper ballots have some checks to ensure that they are there, they exist and the haven't been manipulated.

No matter what the tech industry says about these systems, we will send them back to the manufacturer with the request that if they try just a little harder, we will send the millions of dollars.

We, as a nation of people, need to find a voice that tells our elected officials that this isn't there show, but OUR show. Democracy only works if the people's voice is heard loud and clear.

Now, I'm not overly optimistic that anyone will care. Must people trust there government. That thought makes me shiver, and I haven't bought land in Montana yet, but I'm getting there. How do I not give up on a society that hires police officers that SHOOTS SNAKE IN TREES! But I have to believe that the common will will eventually wake up and the spirit that founded our nation will be revived.

As our biggest election approaches, we can only hope that people start to think about what's best for their nation. As my friends know, I'm difficult to pin a party affiliation on. In fact, I detest the political party system, but I do believe strongly in the Constitution and our representive democracy.