Friday, November 09, 2007

Bee Movie review and more

Wow...this has been a busy week. Brenda is chugging away at her thesis for her Masters degree. I've also had a very busy week on the felt (aka...playing poker).

Ashlea went the the dentist today for the first time...not good. She's not a big fan of going to the dentist apparently. Emilea was a piece of cake! (sugar-free cake of course ;-))

Last night, we went to Bee Movie. It's the first new kids movie in a long time we were looking forward to going to. According to the credits, this movie is pretty much all Jerry Seinfeld. He's the write, producer and star.

I liked the movie. The story was timely and interesting. I'm not sure the underlying premise would be understood by people that don't keep up on their news. (Bees and are dying off...this would be bad)

The kids really seemed to like the movie, which is the most important thing. We went with Bodie25 and family, which is always fun!

No spoilers for you, but it was definitely fun. May not be a blockbuster, but we enjoyed it.

On a related note, did anyone catch this exchange from Larry King on CNN? Seriously...I wonder if Larry King is loosing it.


MN Clampits said...

T this is Greg. Do you have any ideas or know any good FREE spyware software I can download? Our computer is mega slow and I am out of ideas of what to to.

PLEASE HELP, and let us know!!

It's not about the badge! said...


Hey I am thinking about getting a different ipod after christmas. Would you get a classic for 249 or spend the extra and get the touch ipod, or as I will call it, the iphone without the phone part.

Just wondering.

I am not looking forward to when we take E to the dentist. She hates the doc, and I don't think she cares what kind it is.