Saturday, June 28, 2008

Since it's raining, it's time to catch up

Entry To Quarry Hill Summer in Minnesota is a busy time of year.  We only get a few precious months to do what other people take for granted. 

The picture on the left pretty much shows what summer looks like to me as a Dad.  I usually spend the summer just trying to keep up with one of both of the OhPrincess'.

We've already had a pretty busy summer.  So busy, I'll need to get a few things in this one post before we head out for another adventure.  What do I plan on covering?  Pretty much just last weekend.  The rest will be trickled in a bit later.

Last weekend was jam packed with goodness.  OhCountess worked on Saturday, but only until 1.  A real treat for us since Mom usually works until 5 and we don't see her until closer to 6.  She was off early because we had plans...and a babysitter.  But more on that later.

We started our weekend in earnest Saturday morning.  OhPrincess2 had been invited to a birthday party.  This made for something I just don't get very often any more, Daddy/daughter time with just one of the girls.  OhPrincess and I were going to spend some time just the two of us.  I picked a photo shoot as the topic of the time.  To the Plummer House to be exact.

We dropped the little one of at the party and we headed on our way.  "Yippee!", I thought.  I get to share one of my hobbies with my daughter!

Well, Plummer House was closed.  In the words of the wise Spongebob Squarepants, "Oh, tarter sauce!"

Plan B.Quarry Hill Nature Center.IMG_9773

First place she wanted to stop was the main building, also the learning center.  Here's OhPrincess checking out her wing span.  Is that really my baby girl?

IMG_9768I found the turtles.  These are the same turtles I photographed the last time. This time, the turtle in the front seems much more vicious.IMG_9757



Not too shabby.

We finished up our trip out here with a little hike.100_0399 

Here's a shot taken by the princess.  We had a lot of fun and I hope to get out here again when we have more time. 

We didn't make it very far before the alarm went off and we needed to go get OhPrincess2.

After picking her up, we packed up everything the kids would IMG_0338need for an overnight at Grandma's.  Mom and Dad were going on a date!  Oh yeah!  You see, my beautiful, smart and lucky wife won us trip to see The Colin and Brad Show.   Sorry the picture sucks, but we took it with the phone.

This show was hilarious!  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Even the time we spent on stage with them.  What's that?  Yes, me and the Mrs were called up on stage to do game with them.

I played the struggling mime and OhCountess was the lactating wet nurse assassin.  We were playing Jeopardy, but Colin and Brad were our voices, so we needed to lip sync them.  Loads of fun, but no photos.  We were on stage and that wasn't really acceptable. :)

The Mrs let me play some cards there to.  I had loads of fun.

We had some time to kill in the next day before we had to pick up the kids so we decided to go check out downtown Red Wing.

I grew up in Red Wing.  Its a peaceful little river town, but I worry about its future. 

I was shocked by the number of closed retail stores.  Even the stores of the St. James are a far cry from what they once were.  I'm not sure there is critical mass there any more.  Even the mall on the edge of town is really more of a big box strip mall and no one was there. 

The town is still beautiful.  We got some ice cream and even ran into a retired teacher from High School.

That catches you up to last weekend.  This week was RochesterFest.  We've been a little busy getting ready for our family vacation so we missed much of it.  I do hope to post soon about Peace Plaza.  Wow!  What an amazing space.

Tomorrow...Twins game...stay tuned!


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Lactating Wet Nurse ASSASSIN? I'm tired just thinking about that. :)