Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I know - this is only the beginning

This morning, I'm getting ready for work as usual. Business formal attire takes time (gawd, do I miss my hoodies and cargo pants). OhCountess had already left for the day which requires me to have a little faith that the kids can prepare themselves for the day.

Some days, this faith is sort of rewarded. Some days this faith is but a pipe dream.

Morning Recap:

[Sound heard by OhCaptain] CRASH! [not the biggest crash ever heard, sounded more like the reaction of someone to something, like falling on the floor - guessing 9 year old]

[OhPrincess2] I hate you. I'm going to run away.

[OhCaptain - head falls to chest] Sigh.

[OhPrincess1] Dad! OhPrincess2 threw something at me.

[OhCaptain] I'll be right down.
Editors Note: I've given up trying to determine fair and equitable punishments based on actions and evidence. It's just far easier to assume that they are both guilty of something. Just sayin'

[OhPrincess2 - audibly crying] I'm going to run away. I just don't like you any more.

[OhCaptain - now downstairs, not quite ready for work, visibly upset (read disgruntled)]  Where is OhPrincess2?

[OhPrincess1] I think she ran away. Dad! She threw (insert something about as dangerous a projectile as a piece of paper...) I don't know where she is.

Now at this point, there is a bit of concern in the OhCaptain character. OhPrincess2 is 5. Not exactly old enough for extended travel abroad, but he didn't hear any doors close and none of the external doors are open (and thus not closed...duh!). Which logically points to the fact that OhPrincess2 is indeed on the premise. Whew.

[OhCaptain - to OhPrincess1] Which way did she go?

[OhPrincess1 - still with a fair bit of fight in her] She went that way [pointing to laundry room] but dad, she threw something at me.

OhCaptain really could careless about this part of the argument. Boys seem like they would be so much easier. Seriously, who throws balled up Kleenex's at someone and who really cares that .5 ounces of snot if thin paper were chucked at their head? I mean come on...throw something with a bit more heft and cry when the pan hits you..

[OhCaptain - showing signs of argument fatigue] OhCaptain turns on the light in the laundry room and finds a moving jacket on the floor. The jacket is also crying. Jackets don't cry or move unless small 5 year olds can be found underneath. Most pressing issue now solved. OhCaptain is no longer working on alibis to cover the loss of 5 year old child while said child was on his watch.

[OhCaptain - to OhPrincess2] Are you really running away? Do I need to find you a suitcase and help you pack? You know I'll miss you terribly when you are gone.

[OhPrincess2 - sniffles, shows universal sign of extending arms upward (means - daddy, pick me up)] Yes. I just don't want to be around my sister any more. She's mean.

[OhCaptain] I'm really sorry to hear that. Which suitcase do you want me to get you? How much stuff do you think you will need?

[OhPrincess2] Daddy, I'd miss you too. I don't need a bag. I'm only gonna run away for the day. Well, I ran away to here. I don't need to go anywhere now. [She squeezes OhCaptain's neck with the death grip hug that only a 5 year old can do. Tears hit OhCaptain's neck.]

I know this won't be the last time one of the girls threatens to run away and pray they never do for real.

I have no idea what this fight was about. I do know that this happens. The kids fight. I fought with my brother. It sometimes ended up with one of us needing medical care. I'm grateful that this wasn't the case today. Boys seem simpler.

Raising daughters can be so much fun.


Michelle said...

Boys throw fits instead of toilet paper. No sex is easier to raise. They each have their own challenges.

Michelle said...

That was supposed to say FISTS.

Tom said...

Girls fight. It happens. Our trio didn't quell the sparring until they were into their teens. Even so, there's a few interactions from time to time. Nothing we can't handle though.
I like the way you handled it.
And also - my youngest daughter once got hit by a balled-up Kleenex and acted as though she'd been bludgeoned by a two-by-four. Drama!

terri said...

Dad of the YEAR! I'm impressed. You handled the situation calmly and with compassion. Your daughter is going to remember that little episode for years to come.

seashore subjects said...

Wow, way to keep your cool in the morning rush!

WeaselMomma said...

Buckle your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy ride.