Sunday, April 05, 2009

Awards: Yeah!

Back on November 17, 2008, WeaselMomma, Father of Five and Dmarks took the time to remember me and listed me as the recipient of several awards. I had written these up, but never got to posting the nice pictures that go with them.

Having a memory that's some where between a sieve and a steal trap. I had never forgotten that I had these pictures out there that needed posting.

This time, I think the steal trap was working because I just really didn't want to forget. They are pretty cool.

Michelle, from over at Confessions of a Desperate House Wife, list me on as a Kreativ Blogger Award recipient.

Now, this was from a post on April 1. There is a chance that his is an April Fools joke, and I'm the butt of said joke...but I'm running like I ain't.

The rules:

1~ I share with you seven things that I love

2~I nominate seven other bloggers for the honor

Seven Things I Love:
  1. Dancing with the devil in the pale moon light. No, wait, that would be the Joker from the Tim Burton "Batman" movie. I know...I love movies! Not slasher movies, or movies that involve entirely too much romance. Good movies. Funny movies. Movies where things go "BOOM!" I'm also a sucker for really good animated kid movies.
  2. Music. Need I go on here? If you read any of my tweets on Twitter or random posts around here, you'll find out, I love music.
  3. Hugs.
  4. Quiet walks holding hands with my wife. I know, I'll go get a room.
  5. Being amazed by my kids. They amaze me all the time, but I never get sick of it.
  6. Laughing with friends. Be it hanging with the guys over a card table, stinking up the burban on the drive back from the cities...Laughing is great.
  7. I love my family. My wife, my kids and the rest of the people that share our bloodline. You know who you are :-)
Now, who to list that doesn't already have this? I'm gonna have to research this a little. Or, I could just assume that since you read this, you have to be a kreativ blogger. I know you come here to make sure your blogs are better then the worst of them...I set the bar soooo high :-)
  1. MumblingSages: great guy and I bet he's never been memed.
  2. Carrie: she tells great stories of her kids.
  3. Reggie Girl: She averages about 10 pictures per post. Seeing her hometown through her eyes is a blast.
  4. Tom: Being Michael's Dad
  5. Father of Five: You had better already be reading him
  6. Gail: Squared off yet curvy - she's across the pond and busier then me.
  7. YOU - go tag yourself! You know you deserve it!
There are so many deserving blogs, really, if you see your blog in the blogroll on the right...your tagged. If I'm missing your blog...let me know.


mumblingsages said...

Hey wait a second... you named me twice! Does that mean I need to name 14 things I love and 14 other bloggers?!?!

OhCaptain said...

Works for me :-)

WeaselMomma said...

Congrats, all well deserved awards.