Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Catastrophic Parenting Error

Last night, OhCountess and I were playing with the kids after dinner. Light fare, nothing out of the ordinary. One of the kids was kinda humming/singing/making cute tones when all of the sudden, the tones reminded us of a really funny website.

Before there was the Rickrolling, there was this website. My friends and I used to send it too each other in so many fun and clever ways.

Last night, out of stupidity, we showed the kids this video. "Won't that be fun?" we mistakenly thought. Now, I hope you are clicking through these links. I haven't rickrolled anyone in a while, so hopefully that one gets hit at least once...Oh, wait! The point of this post!

You see, now our kids can't stop singing the Hampster Dance. They won't stop begging me to play it. When we turn our backs, they are at YouTube playing this God forsaken song. They have even taken to begging me to download that song so they can play it on their MP3 players. So I'm warning you, never, and I mean NEVER play this song for your kids. I would have embedded the video for you but alas, it's not embeddable. Friggin' lawyers. In it's place, a reasonable alternative so you might accidentally click it and listen to it's beauty. It even shows the lovely animated GIF :)

WAIT! Before you go, have you seen this video?

Classic. While I'm not a fan of Bud Light, this series has been hilarious. Of course, if you haven't seen their best's Swear Jar.

Hope you have a good laugh today! Cheers!


surprised mom said...

The Hampster Dance! What were you thinking? My father embarrassed his six daughters by doing it at a family wedding. I still can't think of the Hampster Dance without thinking of that wedding!

The Bud Light commercials were a stitch!

WeaselMomma said...

Ahhh, you poor fool.

Momo Fali said...

Gee. Thanks for that. I'm so happy my son was in the other room.

OhCaptain said...

suprised mom: at a wedding. The horror. The horror. Glad you enjoyed the movies.

WeaselMomma: I've learned my lesson. Never again.

Momo Fali: Good plan. Now join me and play it for him. Muwahahaha! :)