Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will it ever stop raining?

I'm not really sure how you check on something like this, but our house may now be considered on lake front property. The park behind us is VERY wet! Hmm...at least the sump just keeps running.

Tonight, it's back to poker league. I'm now in 8th place in the league. Good enough for regionals, but I'm a ways a way from being a league champion and skipping regionals. That would be sweet! I'd love to go to state again.

The only problem with league tonight is Ash was up at 3:30 AM. She missed us and wanted to watch TV with Dad and Mom. Her idea was not well received, but not before I found myself wide awake with nothing to do. I'm thinking if I kept a bottle of scotch next to the bed, that might help...but I doubt it. Brenda and I stretched the usual morning routine to accomodate some extra Zs, but we'll have to see if the last longer bet with Bodie25 is enough motivation to keep me winning.

Speaking of Bodie25, we had lunch with him and Mrs. today. The have ultrasound pictures of little Bodie25...the little bugger is a blob now! Congrats guys!

Watch for a new post tonight or tomorrow morning on the state of poker!