Saturday, April 12, 2008

If I could save time in a bottle...

I'm back to missing writing. I've had so many really cool ideas for post lately. The big problem - these ideas strike me when I'm walking to my car, or driving to the school or sitting on the shuttle at work. Not really blogging time. Any of these ideas sound fun?

  1. Posts about cool things I figured out to do with my phone
  2. Posts about why certain baseball movies are good and other are bad
  3. How-to tech questions answer
  4. What is the difference between [insert topic]?
  5. Why I prefer a toasted bologna sandwich to an untoasted one

OhCountess is getting increasingly more busy with her grad school stuff. This week she was teaching classes in the area English as a Second Language (ESL) classrooms. Its sounded like great stuff. It doesn't always dawn on a caveman like myself that someone that doesn't know how to speak much English wouldn't know how to tell a doctor what is wrong.

The kids continue to amaze me, every single day.

We got a letter from OhPrincess' (8) school that at her age, its acceptable for her to be home alone for short stretches. Neither the Mrs or I could remember how old we were when Mom and Dad left us there unattended. She's really maturing into a fine young lady. We are seriously considering making this a privilege for her. She can get in the house just fine by herself, so that's no problem. We just worry that with no one to say 'homework time'...will it ever get done. Again. when did my little girl get this big?

OhPrincess2 (4) is getting this alphabet/reading thing down pat. She has such a hunger for it. And her verbal skills just make our jaws drop. Tonight, after we got back from Targe`t Boutique, OhCountess has gotten the girls in bed. OhPrincess2 gets out of bed and comes in the kitchen where I'm putting away our newly acquired booty and says

"Dad, when you are done putting away all the stuff we got at the store, do you
think it would be possible for you to come up stairs and tuck me in?"
What have you done with my baby girl? She starts kindergarten this fall and can compose an interrogative sentence like this? I'm befuddled!

I'm beginning to hit my stride at my new job. The walk to the car is not nearly as gruesome as it was before, but this rain/snow crap stuff has got to go! I've discovered I really don't mind the shuttle to the park and ride. Its actually not bad at all. Less than 10 minutes in all.

The worst thing about this past week - I was actually sick again. I've barely been sick in the last 15 years and now - I'm sick twice in a month. The Mrs figures its because I'm actually working around other humans and again, my office is at a major hospital. Seems to be a lot of sick people there.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a comment from Jim over at the BusyDad blog. He talked about how he was a sucker for anything with a good Dad theme. I'm pretty much the same way. If you've got a story about a Dad that loves his kids...I'm there! This comment also made me want to mention what I think is the ALL-TIME GREATEST Good Dad song. I'm not a rap music fan at all and for the most part, most pop music makes me nauseous, but Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us" says it likes it is. The thing I liked about it was he held nothing back. It wasn't "macho" but he's telling his son that no matter what happens, he's all that matters. Ain't that why we are here?


Greg said...

Isn't it crazy how fast these little gifts grow up!?!?!

I can't believe how big Ellie is getting. I also can't imagine when she is 4 and 8!

Did you get out with the camera at all last weekend?

Robert said...

I vote for number 2 - baseball movies!

And as for "dad" songs, I'm kind of hung up on Finally Home by MercyMe. It's not so much about being a dad as it is about missing him and getting to see him again in heaven. Gets me every time.