Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Last night, I got to watch my one and only guaranteed Twins game on TV. OhCountess and I wait with anticipation for this most sacred of events...The MN Twins opening day.

This was about the oddest day I can remember to start the Twins season.

Minnesota was enduring a winter storm. Nothing major. The ground was warm enough to do a lot melting, but everything is white again and everything is covered, once again, in ice.

Another interesting twist to the first day was the Twins opponent. The team with the longest name, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The new home team for a long time Twin, Torii Hunter.

Now, I don't blame him for leaving. If you double my salary (and I was already making millions), I'd play football for the Packers. But it was still sad seeing him in another uniform.

Opening day for the Twins was strange in other ways. Johan Santana was in a Mets uniform and not in Minnesota. Losing the best pitcher in baseball was pretty hard to take, until yesterday. In the trade for Santana, we got a prospect named Carlos Gomez. Remember that name!

OhPrincess2 had a tough time last night. She wanted to watch something else on the TV or at least play the Wii. Absolutely not. Tonight is Dad's night. Sorry for being selfish, but I only get the TV guarantee on opening day, or every single playoff game the Twins are in. How many nights a year is that?

The other weird thing about yesterdays game. I could have gone. Remember, I have tickets to EVERY Twins home game. Sometimes living here sucks. My brother used the tickets. At least they went to someone that can enjoy them. If you get tickets from me, no going home early. I expect my seat to be occupied for the duration of the game. Plan for the traffic at the end. Its not worth leaving early to get out early to hear John Gordon screaming about a comeback win. I'd rather be screaming in my seat.

Gomez had a great game. Hernandez looked like a seasoned veteran and had an excellent start. Neshek was back in form pitching that amazing junk to set up Nathan striking out Hunter in the 9th. The Twins bats did what they did best, lots of small ball, stealing bases, advancing the runner and putting the team in a position to win. Gawd!!! I love this team!!!

Final Score Twins 3, Angels 2

Twins Win! Twins Win! Twins Win!

Life is beautiful.


Robert said...

I love to read about passion for the game. For this, we can't argue. The team perhaps, but not the game. It is a great game. And I'm pleased to announce that my Dodgers did quite well on their opener. Wouldn't it be great if our teams met up in October?

We should have the discussion on favorite baseball movies sometime. Hmmm, perhaps that would make a good post. I've already tapped the subject myself.

dmarks said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I assume I visited yours a while ago, which is how you knew about mine. Or was this the case?

OhCaptain said...

Yeah, you left a comment a while ago, although, it may have been on my photography blog.

Thanks for coming back!

dmarks said...

I remember now, yes. I've also added you to my blogroll now.

I think I have several Rochester pictures, but they are very old.