Friday, July 11, 2008

The Survival of Vacation Day 1

Wednesday, we traveled as a family for the first time by airplane and I have to tell you, it went really well.

Both girls did a really good job of sticking with us in the airport and being good on the plane. I couldn't be more proud. We had a short delay at the gate at take off. I was really worried that this "Little mechanical" problem would delay our flight enough to miss our connection, but they got it fixed as promised.

When arrived at Richmond, I could tell the OhPrincesses were just about done with being good. It was only 2:30 in the afternoon, but their eyes told a different story. We got lucky and Delta's baggage handling worked like a charm. I don't think we spent more then 15 minutes waiting for our luggage.

OhCountess got her wish and we upgraded our car rental to a Toyota Highlander. She's wanted to get a SUV, much like Nellie, for quite a while.

The 40 mile drive to Williamsburg seemed like it took much less time, but in that time the OhPrincesses feel asleep. W00T! W00T! A peaceful quiet drive.
Our first excursion was to Historic Williamsb urg's downtown. This is the home of the College of William and Mary. The second oldest college in the US. This campus is beautiful.

We were also exploring an area known as Merchant's Square. Lots of beautiful old brick buildings with little shops in them. Of course, the girls were only interested in the stores that had Webkinz in them.

We had a wonderful dinner at the Seasons restaurant but by then, the girls were beyond tired and the naughtiness was starting to get to us.

This last picture is for Mr. Lady. I had made a comment on the site StarkRavingDads, basically, I despise vanity and she had asked the question "...make my ass look fat?" I saw this t-shirt at the airport in Minneapolis and couldn't resist.

Only in Minnesota!

Day 2 has already happened, but this boring recap post has gone on long enough.

More later!


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Tara R. said...

My family went to Williamsburg a couple of years ago... I was surprised how much our kids enjoyed it. It really is a beautiful area.

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Carrie & Crew said...

Williamsburg is on my list of places I'd love to go. Can't wait to see more of your pics. Looks like you are having fun!