Thursday, July 17, 2008

You say it's your birthday...

Well, it's my birthday too, yeah!

Just about to call it a day. Nothing like letting your birthday slip by with not much more then a whimper, but when you have just completed 39 orbits of the sun, well, I'm tired. I'm just really glad I didn't spend the day crying about my lost youth ;-)

My photoblog has been busy lately. Seems I took over 700 pictures while I was on vacation with the family. Been cleaning those up and returning from that surreal place known as vacation. I know, I know...bad blogger.

I did start the day off a bit misty this morning. The OhPrincesses were having a wee bit of trouble getting going this morning. Yesterday, that couldn't sleep past 6:30am, but today, 7:20 rolls around and they were still snoozing. Waking them up is oh so much fun.

We are running way behind, I really didn't care, working on your birthday is just so wrong anyways, but when we were about to head out the door, OhPrincess1 breaks down crying. She's really upset. I asked her why she suddenly fell apart and she told me this..."Daddy, I really wanted to wake up early this morning and make you breakfast in bed. I wanted to make you some toast, but I forgot."

I talked to OhCountess later in the day and mentioned this to her. Mom said she was approached by OhPrincess1 with an idea and wondered if it was OK. She told Mom about her idea to make me breakfast and Mom said it was OK.

I bet that toast would have tasted delicious. I love you very much OhPrincess1.


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Nap Warden said...

Happy Birthday! Miss Peach had a great Birthday as well:)

dmarks said...

Happy Birthday!

Nellie said...

Holy Crap... and I was feeling bad about 30!

j/k :) Happy Birthday Tim