Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Discovering your inner music

I'm sitting here at work, my headphones on, music playing. I've written before about how I use the Genius Playlist tool in iTunes to keep my music properly randomized. You will often see me tweeting about what song I've used to seed the playlist. By seeding I mean the song I tell the tool to create the list.

This morning I picked Bon Jovi - Dead or Alive. Probably my favorite Bon Jovi song. The Genius tool usually does pretty well at picking good songs and mixing them appropriately. Unfortunately, sometimes, AAACCKKK! Today, some how, it assumed I was looking for 80's pop, NOT 80's ROCK. In the playlist it created were the songs I expected. A little Warrent, some Queensryche and even Van Halen...but what's this aaaiiiieeee!!! Madonna and [gulp] Air Supply????

This got me thinking about a meme I saw a while back. I'd love to remember where I saw it, but yeah, what ever...it's not in the noodle.

Here's what I remember:
How many songs in your library? 20,246
How much time would it take to listen to it all? 57.7 days
What's your top ten songs by play count?
(Artist) - (Song) - (Play Count)
  1. Beck - Loser (46)
  2. Collective Soul - December (46)
  3. Alice in Chains - Man in the Box (42)
  4. Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike (42)
  5. Pearl Jam - Even Flow (41)
  6. Alice in Chains - Would? (40)
  7. Blind Melon - No Rain (39)
  8. Pearl Jam - Jeremy (38)
  9. Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song (38)
  10. Jane's Addiction - Jane Says (37)
This list always surprises me. Since using the Genius feature, I don't really go looking for music very much. I would appear to be listening to just a bit of the grunge music of my youth...hm.

More random trivia. (It's random trivia Tuesday, right?) I have 397 songs that have played a minimum of 10 times. (Nice random!) The song played the longest time ago with 10 plays or more? Another Brick in the wall, Pt. 1 - Pink Floyd and the date was 8/21/08 (my youngest's b-day...weird)

Go forth, me liege. Consider yourselves tagged. Let me know if you chose to torture yourself with this list. I'd love to read what everyone else is pushing into their craniums.

Oh...and apparently no one took me too seriously and delurked yesterday. Don't make me wait until next year's delurking day...feel free to delurk today as well.


Joeprah said...

This would make a good group post at Dad Blogs... :D

Dads into Tunes:


Man, 20K sounds...holy hell!

Joeprah said...

I meant to say songs...not sounds...

Weaselmomma said...

You would hate my list, it includes a lot of 80's rock, but also a lot of country and absolutely no grunge!

OhCaptain said...

Joeprah: I'll try to work on that tonight...but first...I have poker league :)

Weaselmomma: I could never hate anything about you :) If you go past the top 10, there are many 80's rock songs, but zero country except for the man, Johnny Cash. He rocks!

Mike said...

Since I own a Dell Jukebox and not an Ipod (I know I live in a backwards world) I couldn't tell you how many and when. I however being a child of the 70's have a lot of classic rock, a few old blues and jazz, some country (the kids got me into it believe it or not)and not much 80's. Way too burned out from that decade...

terri said...

Your music organization skills put mine to shame. I couldn't even attempt this meme. I use Rhapsody, not itunes and can't honestly say that I even know all the features it offers.

nonna said...

hey! i like (old) madonna and air supply too! that hurt. my music collection is pitifully small. only a couple of days or so and i just got my ipod so i don't have a good record yet of which songs are played the most, etc..

weaselMomma - i too like country and, since i'm not really sure what grunge even is, i don't think i like that either!

The Father of Five said...

I am not an iPod/iTunes user... I have a Sansa E260. I still buy the CD, then rip it to mp3. So I really can not provide the exact same data, but...

Not too long ago I posted

What's in your MP3 Player?...

I have had a few changes to the lineup on my Sansa... the most notability being the addition of Incredibad, by The Dudes of Lonley Island (free downloads from that link..)

That should give you a little bit of insight..

The Father of Five said...

... and (not that you needed me to) but officially mark me down as De-Lurked!

The Father of Five said...

Not sure what happened to my link there...

Sansa E260

Try that...

Kim said...

Where the heck is Black by Pearl Jam.. easily there best song.. :)

PS.. my word verification is barbrain.. hahahaha

Tismee2 said...

I have that Genius thing on my itunes but haven't really used it much. I have nowhere near as many songs as you but most of mine are Rock with a bit of Take That and Abba thrown in.

To be honest most of mine are blasts from the past - to remind me of the carefree childless days of doing what the hell I wanted.

dmarks said...

I've heard "No Rain" a lot lately.