Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to forget about Friday

You know, I can't remember Friday. It seems like it was weeks ago. That my friends is the sign of a really good weekend.

Saturday night, we hosted another one of our co-ed poker home games. I've linked to the recap on my poker blog. We used it as a food drive to help raise some food for the local food shelf. What a great idea OhPrincess1 had! Since we were hosting living, breathing people at our house, there was no way OhCountess was letting them come in without the house getting a thorough cleaning. If we weren't sleeping or in the bathroom, we were cleaning...well...except for Saturday morning.

The local chamber orchestra and chorale group provides a program called HoNk*SquEaK*ScRaTcH*BooM! This program provides an opportunity for kids in 4th through 6th grade to try out and learn a little about playing band instruments. And not one salesman is allowed to sell you ANYTHING.

Here's OhPrincess1 playing the flute
The trumpet
The harp
And back to the flute!

What a great program! When OhPrincess1 was done looking around, she decided she wanted to go back to the flute for a little more time. The rule is, if there are no new kids in line, you can go back for a second look. The professional musicians were fantastic. They were so very patient.

On Saturday night, I told you earlier about our poker tournament, we asked everyone that came to bring some can goods suitable for the food shelf. The response was FANTASTIC!

On the right is the pile of food we gathered.

Thanks to everyone that attended!

The kids spent the night at grandma's. Saawwweeettt! We cleaned up a bit after the party and the went to bed. The silence was beautiful Sunday morning, but it didn't last all that long. 

We were to attend a memorial concert for my wife's stepfather. He past away a few years ago, but during the 70's and 80's, he rocked with a band named Combrio. Three remaining members of the band did a show in our hometown. What a fun time. When the band was doing it's thing, there was a little girl on the side of the stage at lots of shows. She was something of a mascot to them. You might have guessed, it was OhCountess. 

Late last night, I finally pulled the van back in the garage. I realized when I got into the house, I couldn't remember Friday. It seemed like such a long time ago. I took some really cool pictures this weekend. I've started feeding some of my favorites to my photoblog, maybe you should check it out. This first picture is one of my all time favorites. No, seriously, I love shots like this because, let's face it, I will never again be able to just stage a shot like this. It's just that good.

While we are at it, I hear it's delurking yourself :-P


Weaselmomma said...

That does sound like a cool weekend. I hope the coming one is just as good.

Kim said...

I can't remember yesterday. Heck, I can't remember where I put my keys each night.. sigh.

The picture on the photoblog is adorable!!!!

Looks like a fun weekend!!

Instant Tragedy said...

So technically it was band camp.


It's amazing to see the joy on the face of a child that is blessed with music.

(Now 100% drug free)

Tismee2 said...

What did you say?

I wish I was musically minded. I love listening to music but wasn't even allowed to play the triangle at school - although I ws a dab hand at irritating the life out of my parents and neighbours with my recorder - ha, serves them right for buying me one.

Design Philippines said...

It really looks like a great and fun-filled weekend!

I actually had fun last time with music and then making my collection of poker supplies so neat looking.

geeks unite!