Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can anyone else here a bell? China vs. Google

I'm not one to light heartedly sound alarms about impending doom. Heck, I openly mock the local weather people about the severity of impending snow storms. #snowmageddon is the absolutely best way to set fire to a work day.
Look! A snow flake, in Minnesota! Where are the kids ma? We're heading for the bunker!
I'm a geek- look, up top, it says so RIGHT THERE! From time to time, I find the news scary. Most people are gonna just ignore this because who the hell cares if China's hacking some servers. Ppfftt. Let me know when they are heading this way...right?

I'm just shocked at their audacity and our complete ambivalence. These people are attacking the core of our nations information infrastructure AND NO ONE CARES.

I don't want to sound too alarmist because as of right now, they haven't gotten anything that we know, but still. This is a government of a sovereign nation that is openly attacking us and we do nothing.

Google, has for the most part, put it's foot down and hopefully it stays down. So many companies just cave to China because of the almighty dollar. China knows this and is using it to their advantage. We are blinded by greed. We are teetering with a huge problem and hopefully, someone, someday recognizes just how fragile it all can be.

China vs. Google: Did a Google employee provide inside help?


WeaselMomma said...

To bad that Yahoo handed over all the email accounts that were requested.
Google has stopped censoring the pics of the Tienanmen Square massacre too. I say kudos to Google on that.

Sean D said...

China is the next worry of the world. Not the middle east.

They are sitting back and relaxing watching us self destruct.

Be warned! (AKA you are right captain!)