Monday, October 20, 2003

Cool New Spam tool!

Just started using a new spam tool today at work. SpamBayes. Seems to be working good so far! I started using it when I got to work today. I got very frustrated when I opened outlook today. I had 109 emails, 6 of which were valid! Not good! When installed the plug-in and ran found 76 with very little training! Way cool!

How about them Vikes! I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop...somehow, I just can't believe they are as good as their record says they are. The Packers just seem to suck this year. Go figure...the 'Experts' figured them to win the much for the experts! Better get back to work... - My Playoff MVP? Andy Pettitte! - New York Yankees Coverage - My Playoff MVP? Andy Pettitte! - New York Yankees Coverage

An interesting article written by a Yankees fan espousing the wonders of Andy Pettite...wonder if he will be back with the Yankees next year?

Monday, October 13, 2003

Oh yeah! A picture of the gang!

I was hoping to see if I could get pictures to post on this thing...
The Gang...sorry you can't see it

Twins season over...I'm back again after a period of deep remorse's true, I was upset at the loss to the Yankees. An excellent pitching performance by the Twins pitchers, backed up with zero hitting. I'd have felt humiliated if the Twins got clobbered in every game, but that just wasn't the case. Oh well.

Last night, I was listening to KROC AM radio out of Rochester, MN...they were airing the Savage Nation. I do usually vote democratic, not because I usually agree with them, but more because the Republican candidates are far less appealing...more rants on the First Amendment on another day. Anywho, he was basically calling Al Franken a hypocrit because he criticized Rush Linbaugh for being addicted to drugs while blasting others in the same situation. Al Franken was a hypocrit because he has admitted to using drugs while working on SNL. No, Rush Linbuagh is a hypocrit because he blasted drug users while he was a drug user...aka...a hypocrit. Al Franken doesn't blast drug user...thus... he is not a hypocrit. The greatest problem facing human kind: A complete ignorance for the rules of logic and grammar!

Google Toolbar Installed

Yeah! A free pop-up blocker!

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Why are the Twins and the Yankees playing a day game during the week? This really pisses me off. I work during the day! How do they expect me to watch during the day? The play all the NFL games on Sunday and for the most part everyone can see the game they want to see. Just play all the games at night and broadcast them in the areas most interested!