Saturday, May 31, 2008


He wants me to spell what???

The Best Hangover Cure

It appears the best hangover cure is time. Man, recovering from the night out with guys sure ain't what it used to be. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Just let it be a lesson to ya, oh never mind, we won't learn. I'll be back next month. W00T! W00T!

Last weekend was extremely busy in the land of OhCaptain. Our lives were in a holding pattern, waiting for storks to bring little bundles to a few people in our lives. First, Bodie25 and Company were waiting for the little bundle. He was late, but arrived Saturday morning! Yeah!!!! Congrats!!! The little guy looked awesome. The girls and I went to visit them on Sunday. Why didn't Mom go? Well...she was busy.

You see OhCountess' sister Brannie Muffin was also expecting. Since Mom is truly a miracle worker (she's a nurse - you wanna argue that point with me?), Memorial Day was her holiday. She worked Saturday and Monday. Look! Sunday is open! Well, OhCountess is really the most amazing woman you'll ever meet. She agreed to be the birthing coach for her sister. A decision I was really proud to see here make. Brannie Muffin, here baby, was late too and found Sunday to be the day to blow that Popsicle stand.

Something I, a husband and a man, found very interesting was that, when I came to birth coaching, I was MORE EXPERIENCED then my wife! You heard it guys, I had advice about a baby topic for the Mrs. Since I was on the business end for the birth of both of our kids, I had been down the road before. Everyone did a terrific job and Abigail joined the clan Sunday night!

I'm so proud of both of you!

Since Monday was visiting day, we got nothing done but eating some fabulous ribs at Famous Daves.

The rest of the week? Just seems like one day has blurred into the rest.

I'm excited to see that the Democrats are inching closer to picking a candidate so the real election process can begin.

HBO did a documentary in 2006 called "Hacking Democracy." I watched it again this week. This should probably have required view for all voting age adults and teens approaching the age of majority. This documentary shed light on Diebold's attempt to shove poorly designed electronic voting machines down the nations throat.

I know people have their own views and their own needs, but this one fact remains. All of our hopes and dream are contingent on the fact we live in a representative democracy. If our mechanism for voting is flawed, our entire way of life is flawed. We will completely lose control of our lives and destiny. Be an informed citizen and think with your head, not just your wallet.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How did we get here?

There was a time, it seems like just yesterday, when a night with the guys would be followed by a day that was more or less productive.

Daddys are supposed to be invincible. I don't feel invincible.

I look at this scene and long for my bed. Why is it that I'm no longer able to enjoy a night with the guys without being grateful that it only comes around once a month? I used to be able to go all weekend.

Hmmm. Did they really say 144 proof? Oh my.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A week? Really...a week?

Seems I've neglected my blog for a week. I haven't succumb to the desire to move to NW Territories yet. The election isn't until November. :)

What we have here is a lack of time. I've chosen to read blogs lately. Seems the rest of you have been very productive. I'm also commenting like a mad man.

So Captain, what have you been doing otherwise? Good question. I've been going to bed early. Normally, I'm up til about 1am. That's pretty regular for me. I hate mornings.

Let's see, I had my question published and answer on Stark Raving Dad's. This site is hilarious. Let's hope everyone takes it for what its trying to accomplish. Fun advice. Heck, I even tried to ask fun questions. Give it a looksie!

Our live is seemingly in a constant state of limbo. Mr. and Mrs. Bodie25 are impatiently waiting for their next little one. He was due...a while ago and no one is patient any more. BrannieMuffin is in fact my sister-in-law. She's now over due in her first little girl. OhCountess is going to be her birthing we wait. I'm on Daddy Call, if she goes, mama is heading to the hospital and I will be waiting. And to make things even more interesting, my team lead's wife is also preggers. Dear God! Is it me? Is everyone having a baby in the next two weeks?

Thoughts of Father has been running this really interesting series of alphabet pictures. Go check it out. The guy is getting really good with the new macro lens!

I've got all my Las Vegas pictures up over at my photo blog. I've also posted a series of new pictures I took at the chapel on the campus here where I work. I've got the photo bug back.

Jeremy over at Discovering Dad is doing it again and doing a series about what Dad thinks about Mom's questions. His last series was great and I'm really looking forward to this one. The only snag...the baby bug has struck them as well! Welcome to the world Caitlin!

S over at Everyone Needs A Ride has got the greatest streak in sports going! The Minnesota Twins are 6-1 with him in the stands...lets encourage him to keep it going!!!!

Things will be back to normal soon. I can feel it, and well, these lady's ain't gonna be pregnant that much longer. Modern medicine is a beautiful thing!

Gots to run, the floor is having a golf tournament the floor. This should be interesting, and quite fun!!! Enjoy your day...suckers! :-) (that last part was a joke about the fact I will be golfing at aren't really suckers...unless we are playing cards together...that's for another blog...)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Would you look at that!

So, my girls don't like to sleep anymore. They played tag team with Dad until 2 am. Being Dad has its moments. Today - Dad is VERY tired.

But you don't come here to listen to me moan, and frankly, I try to not to moan.

So why are we here today. Today is about the wonders of life. I'm a bit of an audiophile. I love my iPhone, I hate the Apple ear buds. Those things suck. They are uncomfortable and their dynamic range is a bit crappy. I could never buy these things if they just didn't come with like my phone.

Pictured above is the headphones I use most often: my Bose TriPort Earbuds. The sound quality is excellent and I've never worn an earbud that felt so comfortable. Again, I digress, but seriously...OhCountess just got a she won't be wearing mine any more...but again...distraction.

On the days that I'm not the family bus driver, I drive the car to a park and ride since I have 12 years before I get parking privileges at the new job (that is not an exaggeration, that is the time I was quoted...yikes). These bus rides can be very interesting, well not really, but my phone does have a built in iPod, and trust me, it makes the ride a joy. Usually...I've got one of my favorite poker podcasts to keep me company.

Last night was poker league at a local tavern. I often play with my headphones on. It helps me stay focused and last night was no different. I busted out a little (a lot) earlier than I would have liked to and instead of neatly putting my earbuds away in their handy dandy case, I neatly coiled the cord, got home and set the spaghetti pile on the counter. I figured I'd just be uncoiling them in the morning on the bus ride in.

Good call, because that's what I did. I put the mess with case in my coat pocket (sports coat guys) and headed to the Park and Ride. I found a crappy sweet spot to park the car, got out and as I walked to the queue, I removed the birds nest from pocket and got the headphones in ear and cranking out soothing podcasts.

When I get to my desk, I usually put away the earbuds and exchange them for over the ear noise cancelling headphones. I reached into my pocket for the case to my headphones, and it was gone. CRAP! I knew I had it when I left the house, I thought maybe I left it in the car, but the sick feeling in my stomach reminded me that it was probably...on the ground in a large retail parking lot. Again...CRAP!

Its not the end of the world. There are alternatives, but I'm the type of person that hates to lose something.

Well, work went fine. Outside of falling asleep briefly at my desk this afternoon, I had a good day. Even OhCountess stopped by to finally see my new office. But I was really disappointed I lost that case.

Happy Birthday E! The family got to enjoy a wonderful 2 year olds birthday party. It started at 5:30 in a town about an hour from year so there was no way I was making it in time. This helped to distract me since, as many Dads know, bachelor dinner nights are a rare thing. I got to chose my own supper...without negotiation! Because of all of this, I stayed a little later at the office and took a late shuttle home.

I got off the bus at our destination and start the trudge back to the car. I keep my eyes peeled (that just sounds so gross...where did it come from) for my little black case. Holy poop! On the curb, could it be? Unharmed and in perfect condition lay my earbud case. Someone must have found it and moved it too safety. There is no way it could have just fallen and landed on the edge of this curb.

To whom ever did this...Thank you! This is a unfortunately rare event. Time to keep paying it forward.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My phone rings - its the Mrs

OhCountess hands me the grocery list and sends me to the store. We are short quite a few supplies: bread, milk, spaghetti sauce, yogurt and enough other stuff to fill a small square of paper. I can't wait to get this list done and get home. It has a section labeled "Sam's Club"...this just can't be fun.

While finishing up at the checkout, all of the items purchased, I swipe my credit card to the sound of phone ringing. My thoughts immediately move to the latest trend in Daddy shopping...calling me during checkout to tell me we need just one more thing.

But today isn't normal.

OhPrincess1 has decided to join and friend and disappear out of view of all the parents. As an 8 year old, she has a bit more latitude for movement then does OhPrincess2, but when all the Moms are clueless where they went, life ain't good.

Thankfully, this call wasn't to tell me they couldn't find her. That would mean I was too far away to be useful. Dad's don't like the helpless felling, do we.

No, today she got her first wood tick and also her second. They had wondered off to a an area of uncut tall grass and had attracted the attention of one of natures own bloodsuckers. This Dad will be the first to skin has been crawling ALL night. Yikes!

Please - return to you regularly scheduled day. At least the world is short 2 blood sucking parasites. They burn nicely...and finish with a POP!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


How has your week been?

Vacations are great. I love them, but man am I tired.

As you recall, I've started a new job at a new place. This means I have almost NO vacation/sick time. I accumulate time off at at rate of 8.7 hours per pay period. Since strep throat requires a bit of bed time, I had already used some of my precious time off. We also are planning on going out to Virginia in July for a family wedding. If the math works. I will have exactly enough time off for that vacation.

But wait! I went to Vegas. Oh yeah, baby! We went to Vegas. But unlike many people, I was back to work the very next day. I've been drowsy ever since.

I've gotten a fair amount of pictures from the trip ready for your viewing pleasure. You can check them out on my photoblog.

The kids were sure glad to see us. I think they had fun with their aunt, still missed us. We spent a lot of family time together this week.

We even went out for supper one extra night this week. Normally we try to limit our dining out to just times when both OhCountess and I are working and we don't get home in time to really make a meal. But this week, we had planned on going to Mr. Pizza North on Thursday. I had meetings and a lot of work to do and OhCountess was working a little late. But on Wednesday, we had a bit of a surprise. OhPrincess1 had Track and Field Day at her school. Daddy Brag: my little girl got a FIRST and a SECOND in her two events! Woot! Woot! Awesome job kiddo!!!

We have some strange kids. When asked where she wanted to go for dinner to celebrate, she chose Applebee's. Our kids seem to prefer Olive Garden, Applebee's and Timber Lodge for their dinners. Not that we are complaining, in fact we are overjoyed. We get something other then McDonalds and Leo's Pizza Palace.

Today, me and the girls are cleaning the house. Part 1 of the Mother's Day present. I have no idea what part 2 will be, but a clean house ain't a bad start. I just hope we can get clean and KEEP it clean until tomorrow.

A really fun series for Dad bloggers (and the curious Moms) was recently wrapped up over at DiscoveringDad. It was called "What does Mom really think about." I suggest you check it out. It was really interesting a really fun read!

Have a great Mother's Day all you Moms out there.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

OhCountess and I are sitting here in the airport, sucking up the free wi-fi. We had a fun trip, but I think both of us are tired and ready to go home. Besides, we miss the kids. Its weird, you get excited to spend a little quality Mom and Dad time away from the kids, but it doesn't take too long before you start to really miss them.

No idea why, but they got use to the airport 3 hours before our flight leaves. Ugg. So very tired.

Last night, we saw the Wayne Brady show at the Venetian. That is one huge hotel. And the show? It was REALLY funny. He's a very talented man. We would definitely recommend this to anyone.

We will be home in a few hours. Ready for an early bed time. See ya soon!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

What are you having for supper?

We are dining this evening at the Venitian. Chicken parmasean and
chicken picata. Its enough to feed 10 people!


M&M World


Where are you eating lunch?

We were shopping in the Forum at Caesar's Palace and decided to give
The Cheesecake Factory a try. We may need help getting out of our
seats. The food is amayzing!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ceasar's Palace

The front desk. This place is HUGE!

Friday, May 02, 2008

We made it!!!

Yeah! We are boarding!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Don't let the door hit you on the...

We are out of here! We've hit the dusty trail.