Thursday, September 06, 2007

My iPhone - the kick in the stomach heard around the world

As many of you know, Apple (AAPL) in their infinite wisdom, cut the price of the iPhone $200 yesterday (1/3 the original price).

As one of those angry customers yesterday, I really thought about blogging my feelings, but chose not to. I wasn't sure if I could really type anything without hitting the shift key and typing only with the top row.

Today, Steve Jobs pointed out that that is how technology works. Many of us work in the tech industry and understand that to some degree, but let's be honest, price drops this fast this soon after launch only coincide with failures, not successful products. Not to mention...2 MONTHS and by 1/3!

I felt sick yesterday. I listened with abosulte horror to the entire address. I felt kick in the gut and was really wondering if I'd like to use my phone knowing that Apple really likes to stick it to ya.

My buddy Mark (an Apple fanboy...ssshhh...he doesn't know he is...he thinks he's not, but everyone knows better) loved the address and was really excited by it. I really would have been to if I hadn't been thinking about the 2 phones my wife and I bought are now a combined extra phone cheaper. Yep, had we waited until to day, we could have bought 3 phones for the same price (ain't math cool).

Today, on the Apple website, is an open letter from Mr. Steve Jobs. He's gonna give us $100 in Apple Store credit. That should be $200 for our house. Maybe a new iPod??? I don't know. It might sit for a little while so I can soak all this in. My feelings are still out if this is gonna take away that sick feeling I was feeling yesterday.

Well just have to wait and see. (I'm pretty sure, I won't have any new ringtones for my phone...a buck a piece? I want to make my own!)