Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember...

7 years ago today. Who can forget? The tragedy that was September 11, 2001 was at a magnitude I had never encountered.

I'm at work going about my normal routine. At the the time, I listened to James & Cory on KROC FM in the mornings. I usually half listened to their typical morning banter. Let's be honest, this isn't my first choice of audible morning stimulation, but hey, I live in radio hell. Not like we have a lot of choices.

I'm putzing along doing my thing when I hear out of the corner of my ear something truly bizarre. A plane has collided with the World Trade Center in New York City. WTF?

I am a professional geek, so I turned to the Internet to figure out what these to knuckleheads are talking about. MSNBC at the time was doing live video feeds of their broadcast. We tuned it in and information was really pretty sketchy right away. I'm sure people in NYC were much more aware of what was going on, but here in the Midwest, we could just sit by and watch.

The initial reports were of an airplane, but know one seemed to know how big it was. By the looks of the pictures, it had to have been bigger then a little Censa...Christ, look at the whole and the smoke.

My co-worker, Jake, a private pilot himself had joined me and we were watching this on my monitor. At the time, I had HUGE monitor. 24" CRT at the time was ginormous. We were both just riveted by this.

While the news people tried to sort this out, you can see a second plane hit the other tower in the background. Jesus. This isn't an accident. I mean, my God. One plane hitting the tower is an accident and weird, two planes. (excuse my french here) Fuck it! We are under attack.

I remember this as the day we just sat there, watching in horror. We were half a country away. You felt helpless, shocked, angry.

I remember 9/11. Never forget.


Weaselmomma said...

This was an event of such magnitude. We must always remember and teach our children. I'm glad to see people out there who take time to remember, mourn and honor this event. When so many see fit to just go about life as usual and or stick their heads in the sand or worse think it was deserved.
Thanks for posting.