Sunday, September 07, 2008

Time to open the cask...

12 years ago today. I made the best decision of my life. From the moment I set my eyes on you, I knew that only good thing could happen. You took my breath away and showed me the path to true happiness.

Today is the 12th anniversary of the day I said "I do".

Before we met, I was just a boy. I knew nothing of purpose in my life. I was having fun, but I knew there was something missing. I could feel a big hole. I didn't know what was missing.

We dated for a long time, too long I know. You couldn't wait any longer for that ring, but I wouldn't ask the question until all my ducks were in a row. You waited through holidays and gatherings, but I kept telling you that I would ask you in my own way. I had a plan.

When the plan was all set, I asked you to marry me. At first you were shocked, I had waited so long, but you finally answered "Yes!"

The entire time we planned for the wedding, you kept asking what I wanted. I'm a simple guy. All I wanted was you. I didn't care what it looked like, or how much it cost. All I wanted from our wedding was to be husband and wife.

12 years ago today. We completed our plan. 12 years ago today, you made me a man. I love you.

Happy Anniversary.

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fxmixer said...

You go man! Congrats on anniversary!

The Father of Five said...

In this day and age... 12 years is a testament to what wonderful and dedicated folks you are.

A true and heartfelt congratulations to both of you, from the FOF family!

Here's to the next twelve!

Weaselmomma said...

Congrats to both of you. May this just be the beginning of many more happy years to come.

dmarks said...

Happy Anniversary!


WOW you gave me the sweet!

Nellie said...

happy anniversary! in a weird way you guys are like another set of (young) parents to me... ever since your basement was my home :)

muhctim said...

Happy anniversary to you, and my deepest condolences to. . (she deserves something for putting up with you. haha). Just kidding.. . .I see a lot of familial joy in the words you write. Good vibes, good kharma and good feelings. Good poker or bad poker, you got the priorities down right. Here's wishing for continued joy to you and the whole family for years to come!!