Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Traditions

I'm gonna catch you up on our holiday traditions before they pass me by, I swear. Tismee2, thanks for the idea!

When last we talked about the holidays at our house I showed you a bit of the outside of the house. Whew! So glad I got that done. We are about to get 10 inches of snow. Well, at least that's what the weatherman said. We'll see.

This past weekend, we finally got the inside of the house done. Today, I'm gonna share the decorating of the tree.

The decorating of the tree is a HUGE deal in our house. OhPrincess2 has cried herself to sleep a couple of times wanting to decorate the tree.

2 weeks ago, we got the tree up and the boxes with all the ornaments located. Some how, I always figure this should be an easier process, but it never is. Our house gets the full Christmas treatment. There is very little missed. That ends up being a lot of boxes. No wonder my back hurts?

Each year, one of the girls gets to put the topper on the tree. I try to make sure it's not the same girl two years in a row...and they remember who it was. This year it was OhPrincess1's turn. This is the second year on this tree, you'd think by now we'd remember that the topper is too tall...hmm.

Probably my favorite part of decorating the tree is that it truly is family time. We do it as a team. The TV is turned off and the Christmas music is turned on. Everyone has a special ornament that they get to hang and then it's off to the races.

When it's all done, the soft glow of the lights just warms the room.

OhCountess even got a few presents wrapped. It really starts to feel like Christmas with this part done.

One tradition that we've kept since our first Christmas as husband and wife is that this ornament is the first one on the tree. To us, this symbolizes the beginnings of our family. Two kids fell in love and created a home. This ornament started it all.


nonna said...

awww, how sweet! we grew up with some of these traditions. my favorite is that each of us 5 kids had our own "special" type of ornaments. mine is an angel, 1 brother is a nutcracker/toy soldier, etc.. mom would buy us a new one every year. then when we were grown she gave us those ornaments. its great, because now i have a tree full of angels that are like old friends :)

OhCaptain said...

My mom bought us new ornaments every year too. Of course, after reading your comment I'm reminded how we pick the kids' new ornaments each year. We try to find an ornament that sums up their year.

Hopefully, they will be a time capsule that the kids can cherish someday.

Thanks for stopping by!

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terri said...

I love that these traditions are so important to you and that it's all about being together as a family. You're a big softy... and that's high praise in my book.