Sunday, December 07, 2008

Have you seen my marbles?

Lately I've been struggling. I've been stuggling to find time to write. I'm only now catching up on everyone's blogs. Google Reader hasn't even come close to 0 unread items in WEEKS.

It might be that I'm in the final months of my 30's. Maybe it's the coming of winter. I wouldn't discount the kids have finaly got me to crack, but I'm making a leap into the unknown and I'm taking the Mrs. with me.

Thursday afternoon, OhCountess and I are boarding an airplane whose final destination is Las Vegas, NV.

We've gone to Vegas before, but this time is much different. 

As some of you know, I play a bit of poker in my free time.  I chronicle my pokering adventures in another blog called OhCaptain Poker.  Yeah, yeah. I know. 2 blogs. I'm crazy. Actually, don't forget the photography blog and the blog chronicling my efforts to get into smaller jeans.

So what am I babbling about? You know how those crazy mommy/ladies have that big BlogHer thing that they babble on and on about? Well, poker bloggers aren't nearly that organized. Heck, daddy/guy bloggers aren't that organized.

Next weekend, poker bloggers are gathering, by consensus mind you, in Las Vegas for the weekend. Dang! Aren't poker bloggers creative. Gather together in capital of gambling to play poker, laugh, drink and meet face to face, and somehow, I convinced OhCountess that not only it exists but we should go.

I'm about excited as a teenager looking forward to their first after-prom party. I don't know what to expect. Ever never really done anything like this before. Any thing this impulsive.

I've had the pleasure of meeting one of the bloggers in person before. She's a very nice Canuck and I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Our first meeting was only for a few short hours and much of that time was spent with people sleeping.

This coming weekend is going to blur my blogs for a bit. They will converge into a swirling mess of spinning words and photographs. 

The weekend doesn't have much structure. There are no real planned events other then a private poker tournament at the Venetian (OMG! I get to play in a private poker tournament at the Venetian!!!!) This tournament sounds like a blast. All the bloggers playing one big private tournament with the bounties on each player being something that they brought that represents them and where they are from. I'm thinking I will bring a framed copy of the photo...what do you think?

Friday afternoon, I'm joining a group of the more geeky bloggers and heading to the Pinball Museum. Ever wonder how rich you'd be if you hadn't dropped uncounted quarters into those things?

The other highlight of the weekend is that OhCountess and I will be travelling together again, just the two of us.

Stay tuned! We are finishing up our Christmas decorating this weekend. It does really takes us 3 weekends to get it all up which probably explains why we leave it up through most of January as well. There's lots more to come!


Nap Warden said...

I am totally jealous...I love me some Vegas! For me it's about shopping, eating, and hanging at the pool:) I suppose I wouldn't fit in with the Poker crown;)
Have fun, and come home with tons of dough!

Nap Warden said...

Ooops...that's "fit in with the Poker crowd." typo:P

Weaselmomma said...

Go have fun and party like rock stars! That sounds like great fun. Saturday is my birthday so put $10 on lucky 13 for me.
As for blogher, I am hoping some of the Dad's crash with their wives, it's all about meet ups and booze.

terri said...

Actually, "not so organized" and more informal sounds so much more appealing to me than the alternative. Hope you have a great time!

Carrie said...

Have a great time in Vegas!!!

Instant Tragedy said...

Have a great time, there is something always going on and even if you need a break, there is nothing better than a break with the countess.

Bueno Suerte!


Momisodes said...

Whoa. I have no idea how you keep up with all your blogs. I'd end up contributing about once a month if I had all of those to juggle.

Vegas rocks!!! That sounds a fabulous time. So glad you and OhCountess will have time together as well :) Have I mentioned we married in Vegas? Love that place!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! That is ambitious doing multiple blogs. Vegas can be a good time, especially when you leave up.

Mike said...

Dude, we should be doing some sort of Dad's blog get together. Vegas is about a four hour drive from my house.

Oh course a bunch of guys who write blogs in Vegas, nobody would write anything. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...