Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's pause for station identification

We are back from Las Vegas. This geek was essentially without Internet for almost the entire time we were gone. Seems I could never get the $30 in room wi-fi working (phone call to support lead to no where...calling back). For much of the weekend, the Edge network on my iPhone was also A.W.O.L

Not that it really mattered. OhCountess and I were having a great time. Beers were drank. People were met. More beers were found and drank. Poker was played. Much laughing. Much beer. More laughing. Oh! We found a buffet (like that's hard to do in Vegas). I finished 5th in a private poker tournament for poker bloggers. Over 9 straight hours of poker action. Believe it or not, large multi-table poker tournaments are draining. (I know, how can sitting in a chair for 9 hours be me, brain jello is the result)

The weekend was filled with things I want need to write about.

But first, I need to sleep. As is expected of Las Vegas, I hadn't seen the back of my eyelids for much of the weekend. I'm wiped.

Google Reader has ~500 unread entries. Read or write? I'm choosing to sleep for tonight.


terri said...

Make good use of the "Mark all as read" button and get some sleep. Glad you had a great time!

nonna said...

welcome back, i'm still gulping over the 500 unread! i'm with terri mark all as read (except ours of course) and go to bed :)

...ok, you can wait to comment later

word verf=infabio (i think it knows me)

Mitchell said...

Been waiting for the Vegas write-ups...I can wait a little longer. I hope you won some $$$!

Tismee2 said...

I didn't realise you had an i phone too. Do you lerve it and want to marry it?

What's your favourite application?

Yes I'm sad, very sad,

Glad you had a great time in Vegas - did you bump into vegas Dad?

Weaselmomma said...

Can't wait to hear about all the fun.

dmarks said...

" Beers were drank. People were met. More beers were found and drank."

Isn't the proper past-tense her "drunked" ?


Karol said...

Great to meet you! The photo is beautiful and we're looking forward to hanging it on our wall.