Monday, June 18, 2007

Apple Safari - Bugs sure, yawns? Plenty

I'm really suprised that the biggest press about Apple's Safari browser for the PC is that there a bugs. Sure, it's beta code. There's bound to be bugs, why isn't anybody reporting that the browser is just plain boring and lacks any real functions?

I tried Safari, I gotta admit, it's fast. But that's all it has going for it. It looks like iTunes with the shiny aluminum finish, which is great if you like that, but that's getting old too.

The browser's tabbing system is really confusing. I still don't have it working like I like it. Firefox and IE are vastly superior in this category. I think Safari's tabbing was just added in so they can say they have tabs.

The biggest thing you will notice is that its almost not customizable. I'm not sure if this will be fixed in later releases, but anyone that is used to tricking out the browser need not apply for this one. Like iTunes, you get what you get. No extensions. No skins. No real settings to play with.

Maybe this will work for some, but I really doubt this will cause any mass migration. Let the yawns begin.