Thursday, January 08, 2009

How timely! How to use Google Reader

I subscribe to many types of blogs, like a mentioned a couple of days ago. One of the blogs I subscribe to is the Google Reader Blog. It's kinda nice to read about changes before they happen.

Today's post on the Reader Blog was all about getting started with Google Reader.

Hope you enjoyed the video. I think the post mentions a few more vids that they've been posting. If you aren't using Reader or some other aggregate and love reading blogs, I think you should give this a gander. You might just learn something.


gadzooks64 said...


You beat me to it!

I was so doing that today, too.

I read it yesterday and immediately sent it off to my FIL who is clueless about what a reader is and/or does.

Synchronicity said...

Everyone uses this but me. I just kinda go to all my links manually. Just wandering about the blogosphere and found your site this evening. Nice blog you have here.