Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sharing the laughter

Two of my best friends decided to throw down the gauntlet and race each other in a 5k. The whole sordid affair is being hyped on their blogs. I just had to share this with everyone in the hopes that others may join in the hilarity.

For the introductions: [Pointing to the left] In this corner, weighing in at something, MumblingSages. He's driven, dedicated and a bit off his noodle.

[Pointing to the other corner] and in this corner, weighing something else, TheBiggTree. He's a stay at home Dad, real estate mogul with a desire to never lose - and we're not sure if the all the sandwiches are in the picnic basket.

Currently, I'm putting my money on the race not happening, but I'm starting to think it might really happen. The best money will be put on the fact that the stories will be great!

May the best geek win!


Melisa Wells said...

I'll check it out.

For me, the best part about two friends "throwing down the gauntlet and racing each other in a 5K" is that I'm not one of them. LOL

Unknown said...

And you will be our trust on the crack, I mean on the spot reporter?

Michelle said...

That is funny!!
I have been meaning to tell you... I played a tournament last Sunday and placed 2nd. Grrr! I went in with the best hand but alas he rivered a flush with 2 shit cards. I hate that!!
You never did say what league you play in. We play in the bar poker league. i used to direct for them. I can't even remember if they have that down in your area.
Have fun with all your snow today!
I am hoping for one more decent snow so I can go out and get shots of it clinging to the trees.

OhCaptain said...

Melisa: I'm glad as well. There is freezing rain here today. Suckas.

IT: I will not be the on the spot reporter. You crazy? Freezing rain and this is my last day to pack for Eh Vegas!

Michelle: Congrats on the 2nd! Heads up can be like that. I play in the Minnesota Poker League. If you are interested, I have poker blog and go into much more detail there about the league. You might find it interesting. I don't think any hosts the Bar Poker League. We seem to only have two, Big Doc Poker and Minnesota Poker League.

Bad Momma said...

I have found that with most bloggers, when the gauntlet is thrown, it is usually from the comfort of a couch or armchair. The real battle is the trash-talking.

My money's with you on the race never happening!

Kat said...

Men and their trash talking.