Sunday, March 02, 2008

Can't think of a busier time

Its been awhile since I got a chance to sit down and do some writing. All I can say is "Whew!" that week is done!

We had our Pampered Chef party on Wednesday night. That went pretty well. We had one couple show up. The really well part was they brought their kids. There daughter and Ash are about the same age. Well, the other really well part is we all had lots of good food to eat. If you are in the market for Pampered Chef, just let KT know.

With that out of the way, I spent the rest of Wednesday playing in the Mookie. My favorite online poker tournament. No big finish this week, but I did make it to the final 3 tables. Better luck next time!

Thursday night was spent getting ready for the big poker night at our house on Friday night. We needed to prepare for 26 rounders to descend upon our basement. There's lots to do in preparation for a poker tournament. This was the last night to get ready for it.

Thursday and Friday were also big days for me at work. These were the first days I got to spend a lot of time in the department that I'll be writing and maintaining code for. This is exciting work. The department I work for cures cancer using radiation. Absolutely amazing work and amazing people. Thursday was so much fun for the simple reason that outside of lunch, my entire day was scheduled out.

Friday was all about the tournament. How fun was it? Not sure what everyone else thought, but I had a blast.

Yesterday was spent going to the Twin Cities to visit a sick relative. The Mrs also got some some shopping in. Em and I had a great time. Miss Muffin and my wife were shopping at the Baby Superstore so we took a chance and headed next door to Best Buy. This particular one has a fantastic demo room. In this room was a $5000 projector showing Ratatouille. I love that movie! We got to watch most of the movie in there. We actually forgot to look for what we said we were going to do there...bad Daddy!

Mom knew I was pretty tired from the night before. Heck, I got most of the stuff cleaned up before going to bed. She agreed to allow me to only drive half way home from the cities. A good thing since I started head bobbing just a bit before there. Since Miss Muffin was with us, she really wanted to sit in the passenger seat. What the heck, I've never sat in the back while the kids watched a movie. Ash talked about how cool it was to have Daddy in the backseat all day today. She giggled for about the first 5 minutes after we headed back down the road. I love being a Dad.

Today was the first warm day here in Southern MN in a long, long time. It was in the 40s today! So we sent the kids out to play in the water while I attempted to find my office again. When I quit my job of ten years, I brought home 10 years worth of crap from my office. Ugg! As of right now, I can actually work at my desk here at home. Fantastic!

Night everyone! Oh! Before I go...check out the new look of my poker blog!