Thursday, March 06, 2008

Working Title

I started blogging a while back. I'm not really sure why, but I think I did it because I have lots of things to say. I have an opinion on everything. I really do, just ask my family.

Something I discovered after blogging a few months is that I think it really helps your writing skills to force yourself to write all the time. I'm not sure if this is just me wishing it to be true, but I think my writing has improved in all of my posts since the first entry to today.

Lately, however, I feel I've been neglecting my writing. I actually found myself at work today think hard about writing. About doing this post. I found it strange to be thinking and wishing I could be writing. I actually missed writing. I never would have thought that 20 years after taking college composition, I'd look forward to and wish I had more time for...writing.

My first two weeks at my new job, I really forced myself to do some writing everyday. I really felt in the zone. Since then...I've been missing this.

So what's been going on?

Work is going very well. I've learned a lot! I've been really worried since starting there that I'm in over my head. Its a confidence thing, but more recently...I'm getting that confidence back. I think I may actually contribue something!

Guitar Hero III - This game is AMAZING! My wife and I really love this game. Kids go to bed, the axes come out and Mom and Dad jam it out. Last night, we finally made it past Santana - Black Magic Woman.

Mom and I have also tried to spend more quality time with the girls. We both been so busy, we sometimes forgot to just laugh and play with the kids. This week, we've been playing video games as a family and board games. Its so nice that both of them are old enough to enjoy this.

I really want someone to explain to me this whole global warming thing. I have to walk .7 miles to and from my car everyday. Its March and I'm freezing my a$$ off EVERY FRIGGIN' DAY! I want global warming back. Does anyone know where it went???

I'll be working on some political/legal/issue posts in the next couple of weeks. The election is heating up and I can't wait to chime in. Also, the RIAA and the MPAA are starting to get the just dessert in the courts system. I'm sure I can piss someone off...that's what blogs are for right?

Ah, I've done some writing. I missed this. I feel better now.


Greg said...


Don't post about the grammy's, whatever you do!! Although, I did get the most comments on my blog EVER with those 2 posts......

Glad to hear work is going good. I am all for more global warming to get us out of the cold ass weather. I am tired of it. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, let it get warmer soon!

I hear my wife and your wife are going to talk this weekend. Maybe we will spend some time together soon!