Saturday, March 15, 2008

Guitar Hero III - One Married Couples Story

I can officially say that my wife and I love playing Guitar Hero III. I've admitted it, now what to do.

Probably the single biggest reason I haven't posted anything this week is the Mrs and I have been playin GHIII until 'There are blisters on me fingas!' No real blisters, but Co-op Career mode makes for a great husband and wife activity.

This week, we got to the final song set of medium and its kicking our butts! Word on the street, it is just that hard. Stay tuned! We will conquer this yet!

Work has been coming along and I'm learning A LOT! No more getting lost in the hospital and I've got this shuttle thing down pat. Yesterday, I even tried to branch out our transportation options. We parked the car in a Park & Ride lot and I caught the bus for the ride home. Worked out pretty well. I could save even more gas if the parking lot wasn't two miles away from home. Not exactly a distance I want to walk in the summer with a coat and tie on.

One of my long time co-workers at my old job, and a very good friend, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've known her and her husband since I started at that job. Thankfully, we found out that her surgery went well and they are pretty sure they got it all. Whew! We are just keeping her in our thoughts for speedy recovery!

Tonight is my hometown's big St. Patrick's Day dinner. Another confession: I am a former King Erin. Every year, the Irish of my hometown pick a king that reigns for one year. I was the king for a year. Tonight, they are honoring the past kings. Should be fun. The kids are really excited because they get to spend the night at Grandma's house and wake up after a 'sleep over!'

Éire go brách!

I'm working on the rest of the series of posts The Season of Politics - History, Ground Rules and Decorum. I've really liked researching the subject I plan on writing about. As the election draws nearer, hopefully, everyone who reads this will get off the tuckas's and vote! Like I've said before, you can't bitch about anything, unless you vote. Our lives depend on it!