Saturday, November 22, 2008

Almost enough....

to shovel.

But nah! Tomorrow it's going to be 10 degrees above freezing. We'll
let Mother Nature take care of this one.

Gail - this one us for you ;-)


Anonymous said...

Now, if you go and look on MY blog you will see MY version of this!

Is that taken from your house too? I really do need to move in with you. Beautiful house, beautiful views.....and all that beautiful snow. My dogs would be in heaven!

10 degrees above? That's summer to us!

Weaselmomma said...

Yuck! I hate to think about the weather that is just over the horizon.

Bad Momma said...

Brrrr! I bet it's enough for a snowball!

We are going to be up to a balmy 40 degrees today. My hubby & boys plan to rake leaves this afternoon! I'm not ready for snow, although we did get a sprinkling earlier this week.

Instant Tragedy said...

Um 60 degrees and nice.

But ... I'm not bragging :-)