Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to: Filling A Priorities List

In my never ending quest to provide the highest quality of drivel available on the Internet, I present to you today the highlights of what it's important or at least interesting to me. Cause, this is my blog, I have no editors and there is just a bunch of things I need to get out here so I can go back to be a slave to the reminder notices on my iPhone. 

Here are the things you need to add to your priorities list.
Spread the click love

It dawned on me today, that we, people of the blogging community, whatever the heck that is, could do some good for our fellow bloggers in this tough economy. Besides doing our best to make sure that the current President understands that he won't go down in history as a great prez, we should help those among us that might need a few extra dollars to get over the hump.

WeaselMomma is a proud Midwestern mother and wife of weasels whose hubby was recently laid off. Lay offs suck. I know as a father and husband that my fear of not providing for my family scares the hell out of me. 

WeaselMomma is not the kind of lady looking for a hand out, so I had an idea, well actually, she mentioned it on her blog and I'm running with it cause basically I'm lazy and this is really easy. Head over to her blog and start clicking the hell out of her ads. How hard is that? Heck, while you are there, give her a read. She's one of my favs. Be sure to find the video commercial and their constitution...good stuff.

Father of Five: It's dark at like 3pm now...what gives?

Father of Five posted a few days ago pictures of his Crib. What a cool post idea! He challenged the rest of us to do the same. Well, I'm always looking for ideas of content to put here...I could do that. I'm a daddy blogger and the like...but this Central Standard Time thing is turning this into a huge problem. Last weekend, we had house guests for the entire weekend and I somehow didn't get out side to shoot pictures of the house. Crap! Cause during the week, I'm not a morning person. If I find it, I'll post the pictures of me, as a 4 year old, wearing my favorite t-shirt that said, and I quote "I hate mornings'. Yep. This is a life long love affair with sleeping in. Anywho. It's friggin' dark after work now. Seriously. The sun sets at noon now? More on my crib coming soon. OhCountess works this weekend...someone PLEASE remind me to take the shots.

Christmas Traditions

Tismee2 over at Squared off, had another great idea for a series of blog posts. What are your Christmas Traditions. You know, what a fantastic idea! My traditions will be starting up here shortly. When they do...I'll be posting...I just can't start them until Thanksgiving weekend...that's the first of my traditions :-)

She's moving to England and asked me to guest post

Kat is moving to England. This isn't news if you've been following her blog. You've been following, right?

The big move is going on RIGHT NOW. Their stuff is packed, the movers are moving, the pets are en route and so is the family. While in transit, she asked me to write a guest post. What a cool honor! I believe it will show up on November 21. Since I'm a daddy blogger and a husband, I am genetically incapable of remember I figure you should just go follow the blog every day until it posts. 5 other people are guest might just learn something useful.

But I thought this was the life and thoughts of a Midwest geek

Yeah. I have pictures to post. Ideas swimming in my head and a job. Free time is coming. I've been promised. In the mean time, I've loaded up the queue at the photoblog. That thing has another week or so of pictures just lined up and rolling off 1 a day for the next week and half. Time permitting this weekend, I'll be back filling the list even more...I'd love to hear what you think!

That's it for now, I've given you a long list of things to click and do. So go do it!


Weaselmomma said...

Well, thank you. I will be spreading the clicks around too.

OhCaptain said...

Weaselmomma, it's my pleasure. It ain't much, but I can link and click.

Mike said...

What is this "blog love" that seems to be spreading all over the net lately? Love the clicking...

dmarks said...

You have received an award at my blog. "Come on down!"

Yes, I did one of those tag things.