Friday, November 07, 2008

You knew it had to happen eventually

OhPrincess1 had to wake me up this morning to make sure I saw this.



Anonymous said...

Oh I'd love to wake up to that.

Our snow is usually rubbish so I love it when you folks have six feet in your gardens.

More, more.

I like the photo by the way, is that the view from your house?

OhCaptain said...

I'll be posting more...we can't escape winter here.

Yes, this is the view from our bedroom window.

Weaselmomma said...

UGH. I feel your pain. And will continue to for the next 8 months.

Dad Stuff said...

It's way too early, isn't it? Hopefully, the shovel type snow will arrive late this year. Like March.

Bad Momma said...

Brrr! I'm not ready. We still have leaves to rake!

Mitchell said...

I got a similar photo from my bro in Rochester, MN.

By the way...It was beautiful today in the SF/Bay Area :)

dmarks said...

It was a few days later, but I did a "first snow" post on my blog too.