Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Make This Your Election Headquarters

Seems this humble blogger will be providing election results for those interested following them.

I'm at poker league. I'm catching cards. D'oh! Looks like my crack crew has updated the map. Way to go! If I hear or see anything here at the bar, you will be the first to know!

7:57 pm: no political talk at the tables. Consensus is the election was today.

10:03 pm: I made it home. I'm watching NBC news. Tom Brokaw is emotional. Obama has been declared a the winner.

I saw this tonight and became immediately frightened. Do we honestly have expectations of this president that we won't have to worry about paying or mortgage or putting gas in our cars?

I really don't understand this.

10:14 pm: Why did I not cry? For me, this election was a very difficult choice. I'm actually more afraid of what might happen to our nation if the congress goes filabuster proof and everything is controlled by one party. Absolute power for one party? Seriously. That frightens me more then anything. The Republicans had that a few years ago. It was a disaster.

10:19 - We missed the SNL Election Bash last night. We are switching to it. I can't stand listening to the news broadcasters cry. Yikes.

11:09 - OhCountess fell asleep. I'm watching Obama's acceptance speech. One truly great thing about the next 4 years. Obama can speak. 8 years of one the worst public speakers has been tough for this speech coach to endure.

11:19 - Could the NBC news guys gush any more? Holy crap! You'd think we just landed on the moon again. Obama has been president-elect for about 1 hour. I don't see one thing fixed :-)

11:26 - Going to bed. Election coverage has gotten annoying. I really want to know how the Coleman / Franken race is going and the constitutional amendment to cap environmental spending. Let's hope Obama can live up to the hype. I fear a let down and what that will do. In case you are wondering, this has pretty much been a flow of conscientiousness. I'm exhausted. These views may not represent the views of the author or has brain.

I'm going to let all of this sink in and evaluate the events of the day. For those wondering, I'm neither disappointed nor angry. My feelings about either candidate are difficult to express. I also hope to return to the regularly scheduled program ASAP. I am really disappointed the Tina Fey is going to not really be needed very soon. Sara Palin (uff) will quickly slithering back into the woods.


Kat said...

Very Awesome. Thanks OhCaptain. News media outlets beware, OhCaptain is gunning for your jobs!

Weaselmomma said...

Cool. will you be doing a simultaneous live blog? I'll be around yet. Are you willing to cop to who your final decision was for?

OhCaptain said...

Live blogging could be fun, but I'm work now and since it's Tuesday, I play in a poker league this evening.

I voted against the constitutional amendment in our state.

I didn't vote for Al Franken. He was not good enough, or smart enough, and doggone it, people disliked him.

I'm gonna let this election sink in before I write about it. My soul is still agree, pissed, disillusioned and confused.

Bad Momma said...

Cool! You need some good snacks! I'll some left-over Halloween Candy!

Bad Momma said...

One more time... I'll bring the left-over Halloween Candy!

Weaselmomma said...

The very sad answer to your question is yes. Social programs are going to grow and Obama has talked about putting a freeze on foreclosures. Hubby and I agree we should have bought a much nicer and bigger house. We couldn't afford it, but that wouldn't matter.
As for who is going to pay for the extra handouts......the people wearing the kick me t-shirts. That would be you, me and Joe the plumber.
I must say that I am pleased to see that the tone is so much better than 2000 and 2004. Nobody is screaming "I'm moving to France" or "He's not President". I don't expect psychiatrists to be over booked because election depression like we had in the last 2 election cycles. That shouldn't be how we roll.

Momisodes said...

The turnout yesterday at the polls was amazing!

I am also ready for some better public speaking.

Mike said...

The wife and I watch Comedy Centrals Jon Stewart on Election Night. Made the evening a little more tolerable.

Looks like we get to see if Obama can stay on the pedestal that his public has put him on...

dmarks said...

This is a bit of a change after reading several blogs where the obligatory "Election results" post is followed by 10-30 "Yay Obama!" comments.

Heather said...

What's up with Missouri? Can we not finish counting already?

OhCaptain said...

Heather - I'm doing my best not to make any jokes about this...MUST KEEP MOUTH SHUT...man this is hard...I CAN'T do it!!!!

They had to stop counting for a while. They've run out of toes...