Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Traditions: Part 2

When we last talked, the topic was decorating the tree. Today, the topic is short and sweet.

Tismee2 over at Squared Off, has asked (more then once) to see more of the inside of our house. This is entryway right next to my office.

OhCountess is a fabulous decorator! Every where you turn in our home, she's got the details covered.

The Santa rug is one of my favorites. I just love crossing it to get to my desk.

So, my faithful readers, what are some of your decorating traditions? Have you started yet? When are you getting your pictures posted?

As OhPrincess2 likes to say, "I love it when we get our Christmas on!"


Mike said...

Gorgeous home and your wife has done a nice job decorating.

We end up dressing the home with nativity scenes and lots of garland...

nonna said...

i'm being horribly lazy, but i don't think we are gonna actually be at my house for any of the festivities. i'm seriously considering copping out and not putting up my tree. it's hard to have the enthusism for it when there's no little one here.
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cool :)

Weaselmomma said...

Nothing up here yet. Today and tomorrow the boxes will we coming out of the storage room.

OhCaptain said...

Mike - Thanks! Love to see pictures when you are done decorating. Although I worry about you doing it all by yourself this year.

nonna - Keep the little one a live in you! I still love Christmas and get excited for it. I have no idea why. I'm lazy and not easily amused :-)

Weaselmomma - glad to hear the Weasel home will be getting it's Christmas on. Happy Birthday - in case I find the attractions of Las Vegas extremely distracting on Saturday ;-)

Anonymous said...

TWO paultry little photos'? C'mon man I want a whole 'Hello' magazine photo shoot!

It's not like I'm likely to track you down and come camp in your basement is it? (well not until It warms up a bit over there anyway!)

I love the rug too. When we were in Florida in Dec 2002 I wanted to bring home loads of stuff we don't have over here. I did bring a lovely set of 5 glass Disney ornaments for my tree though........and you know what happened to them!

Rian said...

photos are up on my blog


OhCaptain said...

Tismee2 - You will be getting a little every day :-) The kitchen was next and there will be more after Vegas :-)

Rian - loved the pictures!

terri said...

I need a new house and all new decorations. Or maybe I'll just come hang out at your place and get my Christmas on.