Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Best Hangover Cure

It appears the best hangover cure is time. Man, recovering from the night out with guys sure ain't what it used to be. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Just let it be a lesson to ya, oh never mind, we won't learn. I'll be back next month. W00T! W00T!

Last weekend was extremely busy in the land of OhCaptain. Our lives were in a holding pattern, waiting for storks to bring little bundles to a few people in our lives. First, Bodie25 and Company were waiting for the little bundle. He was late, but arrived Saturday morning! Yeah!!!! Congrats!!! The little guy looked awesome. The girls and I went to visit them on Sunday. Why didn't Mom go? Well...she was busy.

You see OhCountess' sister Brannie Muffin was also expecting. Since Mom is truly a miracle worker (she's a nurse - you wanna argue that point with me?), Memorial Day was her holiday. She worked Saturday and Monday. Look! Sunday is open! Well, OhCountess is really the most amazing woman you'll ever meet. She agreed to be the birthing coach for her sister. A decision I was really proud to see here make. Brannie Muffin, here baby, was late too and found Sunday to be the day to blow that Popsicle stand.

Something I, a husband and a man, found very interesting was that, when I came to birth coaching, I was MORE EXPERIENCED then my wife! You heard it guys, I had advice about a baby topic for the Mrs. Since I was on the business end for the birth of both of our kids, I had been down the road before. Everyone did a terrific job and Abigail joined the clan Sunday night!

I'm so proud of both of you!

Since Monday was visiting day, we got nothing done but eating some fabulous ribs at Famous Daves.

The rest of the week? Just seems like one day has blurred into the rest.

I'm excited to see that the Democrats are inching closer to picking a candidate so the real election process can begin.

HBO did a documentary in 2006 called "Hacking Democracy." I watched it again this week. This should probably have required view for all voting age adults and teens approaching the age of majority. This documentary shed light on Diebold's attempt to shove poorly designed electronic voting machines down the nations throat.

I know people have their own views and their own needs, but this one fact remains. All of our hopes and dream are contingent on the fact we live in a representative democracy. If our mechanism for voting is flawed, our entire way of life is flawed. We will completely lose control of our lives and destiny. Be an informed citizen and think with your head, not just your wallet.