Saturday, May 24, 2008

How did we get here?

There was a time, it seems like just yesterday, when a night with the guys would be followed by a day that was more or less productive.

Daddys are supposed to be invincible. I don't feel invincible.

I look at this scene and long for my bed. Why is it that I'm no longer able to enjoy a night with the guys without being grateful that it only comes around once a month? I used to be able to go all weekend.

Hmmm. Did they really say 144 proof? Oh my.


Robert said...

Could it have something to do with the fact that we're getting older? Just typing that hurt. I better go lay down.

Anonymous said...

Think of it this way: of course the nights tire you out more than they used to, they were softer on you when you were a novice. ;-)

Greg said...

You are not old my friend. Just finely aged!!

144 proof should be hard on just about anybody. I know I had a Booker's that was 126 proof, and it knocked me on my butt. After only one little glass of it.

Man getting aged is an adventure!

Dad Stuff said...

Hangover recovery used to be by mid-morning. Now it can last until mid-morning the next day. It's just not worth it anymore.
Plus my dance floor moves have not aged well either.

Nellie said...

no new posts yet??? are you STILL hungover?? (hee,hee)