Monday, May 12, 2008

My phone rings - its the Mrs

OhCountess hands me the grocery list and sends me to the store. We are short quite a few supplies: bread, milk, spaghetti sauce, yogurt and enough other stuff to fill a small square of paper. I can't wait to get this list done and get home. It has a section labeled "Sam's Club"...this just can't be fun.

While finishing up at the checkout, all of the items purchased, I swipe my credit card to the sound of phone ringing. My thoughts immediately move to the latest trend in Daddy shopping...calling me during checkout to tell me we need just one more thing.

But today isn't normal.

OhPrincess1 has decided to join and friend and disappear out of view of all the parents. As an 8 year old, she has a bit more latitude for movement then does OhPrincess2, but when all the Moms are clueless where they went, life ain't good.

Thankfully, this call wasn't to tell me they couldn't find her. That would mean I was too far away to be useful. Dad's don't like the helpless felling, do we.

No, today she got her first wood tick and also her second. They had wondered off to a an area of uncut tall grass and had attracted the attention of one of natures own bloodsuckers. This Dad will be the first to skin has been crawling ALL night. Yikes!

Please - return to you regularly scheduled day. At least the world is short 2 blood sucking parasites. They burn nicely...and finish with a POP!