Thursday, May 22, 2008

A week? Really...a week?

Seems I've neglected my blog for a week. I haven't succumb to the desire to move to NW Territories yet. The election isn't until November. :)

What we have here is a lack of time. I've chosen to read blogs lately. Seems the rest of you have been very productive. I'm also commenting like a mad man.

So Captain, what have you been doing otherwise? Good question. I've been going to bed early. Normally, I'm up til about 1am. That's pretty regular for me. I hate mornings.

Let's see, I had my question published and answer on Stark Raving Dad's. This site is hilarious. Let's hope everyone takes it for what its trying to accomplish. Fun advice. Heck, I even tried to ask fun questions. Give it a looksie!

Our live is seemingly in a constant state of limbo. Mr. and Mrs. Bodie25 are impatiently waiting for their next little one. He was due...a while ago and no one is patient any more. BrannieMuffin is in fact my sister-in-law. She's now over due in her first little girl. OhCountess is going to be her birthing we wait. I'm on Daddy Call, if she goes, mama is heading to the hospital and I will be waiting. And to make things even more interesting, my team lead's wife is also preggers. Dear God! Is it me? Is everyone having a baby in the next two weeks?

Thoughts of Father has been running this really interesting series of alphabet pictures. Go check it out. The guy is getting really good with the new macro lens!

I've got all my Las Vegas pictures up over at my photo blog. I've also posted a series of new pictures I took at the chapel on the campus here where I work. I've got the photo bug back.

Jeremy over at Discovering Dad is doing it again and doing a series about what Dad thinks about Mom's questions. His last series was great and I'm really looking forward to this one. The only snag...the baby bug has struck them as well! Welcome to the world Caitlin!

S over at Everyone Needs A Ride has got the greatest streak in sports going! The Minnesota Twins are 6-1 with him in the stands...lets encourage him to keep it going!!!!

Things will be back to normal soon. I can feel it, and well, these lady's ain't gonna be pregnant that much longer. Modern medicine is a beautiful thing!

Gots to run, the floor is having a golf tournament the floor. This should be interesting, and quite fun!!! Enjoy your day...suckers! :-) (that last part was a joke about the fact I will be golfing at aren't really suckers...unless we are playing cards together...that's for another blog...)


KajaPoker said...

saw you Stark Raving Dad question. thought it was awesome. was not aware of your daddy blog. I am going to start one soon.

Heather said...

Thanks for the links. I liked your questions at Stark Raving Dad. I hadn't read that blog before.

OhCaptain said...

Kaja - Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see your Daddy blog. I like to keep my Daddy/husband stuff in a place away from my poker. Let me know when it's up and running! Maybe I'll see you in Atlanta, our family vacation has a layover there...twice.

heather - glad you liked the links! Stark Raving Dad's just got started not too long ago. Should be easy to catch up.

dmarks said...

I guess it all worked out. I've been slacking and haven't looked here for 5 days or so.

How 'bout those Twins? Yes, ahead of the Tigers again.