Friday, September 18, 2009

Yes, but does it suck?

Videos like these crack me up. You get a lot of use out of superlatives at an Apple conference.

This one is pretty funny too...dude.

My two favorites of this genre are extremely NSFW and are all about the effenheimer (continuous swearing...if offended by hearing swear words for 4 minutes...don't click the links!). My all time favorite is F'n short version of Casino. The truly funny part, it's over 4 minutes long. Yes, if you condensed the movie casino down to just it's f-bombs, the move takes 4 MINUTES. By contrast, the Big Lebowski version is only 2 minutes.


surprised mom said...

The first two videos are awesome, Dude. The second two? Awful and not because of the f-word. I hate violence and the f-word seems to highlight all the violence. I only lasted half way through the Casino short version and the same way through the other.
The first two videos did make me laugh, Dude.

OhCaptain said...

Yeah, I shoulda probably prefaced why I liked the other two. I usually can't just sit through them either. Casino was a pretty violent movie and in my own kinda sick way I'm always amazed that they spent 4 minutes just using 4 letter words. Dude. :-)