Sunday, February 03, 2008

Been a while

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. Live is proving very hectic.

This weekend, the kids have decided to shift time zones again. 6:30 AM yesterday, our 4 year old comes in crying. Em, our 8 year old, woke her up because she was bored and lonely. Just like the movie Ground Hogs Day, it happened again today.

The best part of all of this? We had whiney kids all day. Yeah!

How do the know it's the weekend? During the week, we need to use cattle prods and high explosives to get them out of bed (that's an exageration, we'd never use explosives ;-))


We got a lot of transitions coming in the next 2 weeks, let hope the figure out soon we live in Central Standard Time.


Nap Warden said...

Ugh, kiddos need to learn the art of sleeping in...Mine haven't gotten it yet.

Good luck with your transition...

Nellie said...

waiting to hear about the transition...

Anonymous said...

Mine are exactly the same. My 15 year old will stay in bed forever unless he's got to be up for football or some game fest.

My 5 year old is up with the larks every day - and for some reason before the larks on weekends.

Can't wait until he's old enough to go down, switch on the TV, let out the dog and get his own breakfst. He can do all that now but I would have to snooze with one ear open!

OhCaptain said...

We put a small pitcher of milk in the fidge the 4 year old can use to make a bowl of cereal. She'll feed herself somedays.

Thankfully the 8 year-old can do that and even make toast! If we could just keep them from fighting all the time.