Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chapter 6, Page 2

Page 2! (Anyone else listen to Paul Harvey?) I currently live in an area of the U.S. known as Radio Hell. If its music you are looking for and can't stomach county, don't come here. We have a bad Pop station and a classic rock station with about 20 songs in its rotation. Why am I telling you this? I don't know. What do I know? I'm very tired.

Today the first great challenge was to find a way to get to the meeting room using your own transportation. This is an interesting challenge and I think its good to make the new hires figure out what they are going to be doing for parking. For me, this exercise provided no real value since...my office is on the other side of the campus. My office building is 11 blocks away. I opted for the easy way out, I had the Mrs give me a ride and drop me off.

I think if I had one suggestion for my new companies New Employee Orientation it would be to move the respect, tolerance and harrassment portion to day 1 and save benifits and payroll to day 2. There wasn't a lot of excitement in the room for the second half of today. We did get a giggle for the some of the examples. Why do the examples need to be some bleedin obvious? One example, the guy made a comment to a female co-worker. His comment included a reference to Ragnar - the god of Love. Oy vey (I prefer my good friend Paul's definition for that term...it yiddish for Uff Da - hehe).

We did get to let loose a fire extinguisher today. I've never actually fired one off. That's so cool! Now if they'd only let us use explosives, we'd be set!

Lunch today wasn't nearly as good as yesterdays. Not that it was bad, it was actually quite good. But compared to that lasagna from yesterday, cold meat sandwiches just are a bit of a let down. The lasagna was that good.

At the end of the day, they divided the group up. RN's on one side of the room and the other 10 of us on the other side. Wow. At this point, our supervisors show up. Since my office is 10 blocks away, mine figured it was too late in the day to head back to the office, I could just go home! Sweet! My ride expects me to be done in an hour and I'm at an assisted living building. Oh boy! While I spent the last two days in the conference room without wi-fi...sure enough, in the lobby - WE'VE GOT WI-FI! This geek's iPhone is now cooking with gas and surfing the web.

Tomorrow morning, I actually start learning about my new job. These will be the people I'm actually going to be working with. I'm actually more nervous about this than I ever was the last 2 days.

Thanks for the encouraging words Nellie and Zooks! I really appreciated them.

I must get some sleep now.


The Father of Five said...

I'll share with you one of my little vices... It's called XM Radio. Now I am more of a "talk radio" junkie, and spend most of my XM time on the Ron & Fez Show, Old Time Radio, and the Comedy Channel... But, if it's music you like... Man oh man - have you got choices... I frequent the 70's, 80's and 90's. Then there are all the "alternative" channels (from my college days moping with The Cure), new age (for when I need to chill), and the hard core / death metal channel (when I don't need to chill).

Yeah, I know.. I sound like a living, breathing add for XM... But I'll tell you - being the radio junkie that I am, it is so worth the twelve bucks a month... even when things were tight!! I'd give up cable TV before I gave up my XM!

You can usually get in pretty cheap too... I "tested the waters" with a Roady2. I bought it on a special offer where I paid $9.99 for the radio - but had to prepay for three months service. By the time my trial period was up - I was hooked, and upgraded from the Roady, to a Skyfi2.

I have both a car cradle and a home cradle. When I leave, I grab the Skyfi, and put it in the car. When I get home, I take the Skyfi back inside. It has a built in FM modulator - so any radio I tune into in the house will pick up my XM!

Ok... I've made your comments into a huge XM add... (sorry about that). Let's just say satelite radio has made me very happy. If you have any questions, please get a hold of me! I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

Also, It has been quite fun reading about your new job... A former co-worker of mine (The King of Clubs) just changed careers, and I am in many ways I am jealous / envious of him, but he is a good friend, and am really enjoying - watching him grow. I have told him, and I'll tell you - It is a very brave thing to "start over" like you guys are doing.