Monday, February 25, 2008

The Dawn of a new day

I'm a computer programmer deep down. It's what I do. After 2 weeks of the new job, I got my first assignment to actually write code today! Yipee!

The last two weeks, I've spent my time reading code, watching programs run and studying databases. Pretty non-thrilling stuff, even for a geek. It will feel great to get back in the saddle and write something. This other stuff I have been doing is very important to learn, it's just not as much fun. Remember, work is all about fun...right?

Our oldest spent the day on the couch today. I know when she's a teenager, that will be nothin new, but she's 8. She just can't sit still all day. Now, she pretty sick with the crud. Thankfully Mom was able to stay home today. I haven't accrued any PTO (paid time off) yet so I don't know what we'd do if I needed to stay home.

Lots to do at our house. We have a Pampered Chef party Wednesday night, if you are interested, let me know and a poker game on Friday night. Looks like that will be a pretty full house. We have 17 confirmed already! That doesn't count the 3 verbals I've received. I'm getting a little worried about this. I have accommodations for 20. 6 if we use the dining room table. We've never had over 2 tables so this should be interesting.

Must fold laundry. Must stop writing. Seacrest Out!


Nellie said...

I'm not sure if I got an invite to B's party... but I do want to order something... something really big! We are going to get a set of the pots and pans. I do get 60% off since I hosted a party last month... but they are $350, so I'll pay about $138... which is a good size 1st order for her party! Enjoy all your cool free stuff your gonna get!

I'm home sick again... so Katie will be placing the order for me.