Sunday, February 24, 2008

A full weekend for Dad

This was one of those weekends that makes you grateful to go back to work, even though I'd rather be taking a nap.

Friday night was Dad's whiskey club meeting. Yep, I had a night out with the guys. If you aren't familiar with this, I belong to a whiskey club. In this little organization, we get together once a month and try a whiskey, scotch or bourbon that you wouldn't normally try on your own. Once the first glass is poured, we settle in for a night of poker and laughter. The wives don't seem to mind this night out. It costs about $15 for the booze and poker. Not too shabby. Since I'm not much of a hard liquor drinker, I do a lot of sipping and then switch to beer. Usually its about 4 drinks in 6 hours. Wow! Now that's partying like college kids!

Saturday morning, Bodie25 and I took the kids to the free movie at the Chateau Theater. Monster House was playing. This movie is a lot of fun for the kids. If you haven't seen it, think Nightmare on Elm Street for grade schoolers. Its always fun when the kids get together. I also got to make a good home cooked meal for my working girl. Mom was working, so when she got home, stuffed pork chops and baked potatoes were ready to go.

Today, there was no rest for the wicked or Dad. Mom had TONS of homework to do today, so she arranged for us to drive to our hometown and see some of the Grandparents. I was pretty tired, but I know she needs the time to get some stuff done. Em and Dad did get to play some Super Mario Galaxy and my parent house. Em just loves that game and I like how challenging it is. That's a win-win! I also couldn't resist the urge to bring out Guitar Hero III. For some reason, it wasn't that big a hit with my folks. Go figure!

This is gonna be an interesting week at my new job. This past week, I got some little tastes of the department I'll be servicing. Late this week, I'll be immersed in there world and get to see first hand what the Doctors, physicist, technicians and nurses do every day. I'm pretty excited about this. I find it really inspiring to know that the software I'm writing and fixing saves lives and cures people that might normally have no hope. I've never known that feeling before.

Have a happy Monday!