Thursday, February 21, 2008

Evening therapy

I had been trying to post everyday, but yesterday was Wednesday, which is also Mookie day for poker bloggers. This is a regular tournament held every Wednesday. Well, for the 3 time in a little less than 2 months, I went really deep and finished third. You read more about that here.

I starting to feel a bit more comfortable at work. I'm getting to know my co-workers and find my way around better and better.

The last two days I've been getting to spend a little time each day going down to the department I'll be supporting. As a software guy, my office is kept far away from the people I write for. This is done to help keep a small wall between us. A problem that will commonly arise with the programmer being close is that we often become the tech guy for an area. You mouse doesn't work, talk to the geek over there. Well, with us solving all the little problems, we never actually get time to write code. Never good.

Spending time observing them in their work area help put into focus what it is they do. When I understand their job, it helps me do my job. I have to make lots of choices every day. These kinds of days help me do that better and better.

The people I work for do amazing things and give people hope for a life without cancer. It will be an honor to make their jobs easier to help people.
At the home front, we really been hitting the video games hard.

For Christmas in 2006, the girls and I bought Mom one of those little games you plug into the TV. The one we got was Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Pole Position and few other games. For some reason, Mom was never in that big of a hurry to open it. Well, this week, with the power of the rest of us, we got her to let us open her present and plug it in. that fun! Even our little one loves it! Em, she's been getting past the first level of Ms Pac Man more and more regularly.

This game just added one more level to the fun. We also have Guitar Hero III. I know why people love this game. I look forward to playing it everyday! Tonight, we got Mom to try it. Things around this house might not get done anytime soon. If you haven't played this need to give it a try! Rock on!

HEY! Spell Checker works again!!!!!!!!


Gadzooks64 said...

My kids LOVE those plug in TV games. Probably since all forms of larger video games are banned.

No Wii, Sega, Nintendo etc.

Greg said...

Glad to hear that work is going good! I do not envy you having to learn you way around that campus.

Can't wait to get together for some picture takin and beer afterwards!!