Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's Everyone just stay calm!

I returned to work today and got to experience the walk from my youngest daughter's daycare to work. It took 20 minutes. Any southerners out there? You can write this down...I was freezing this morning! It was -5° this morning. Dress pants aren't as warm as you'd think.

At work, the guy I'll be working with is on vacation. My team lead is meetings all morning and my department head was at different meetings. Cool! I'll be by myself and just get to read, except whats that sound breaking my beautiful silence? Is that my phone? I wonder who would call me? Hello, this is OhCaptain. Well hello help desk. You've got a user that having trouble with the software I'm supporting? And you want me to what? Help? Please hold. HOLY CRAP! I'm on day 7 and we haven't actually got any of this yet. [back on the phone] I tell you what. Email me the details and I'll see what I can do.

Did I mention that my entire chain of command is gone? Thankfully, I've been down a similar road a knew exactly what to do. I went to the closest person to my stall and asked for help. Whew. He didn't know what to do, but if I can stall and find out more information, he'll find someone that does. We both succeed! Crisis overted!

That certainly made for an interesting morning. We followed that up with my first team meeting. It was nice to see everyone on my team. It all went pretty well, even the laughs about how the new guy got thrown into the fire. I'll take that one in stride. I learned a lot in just a short time.

OhCountess (aka The Mrs) felt bad and called to let me know she was coming to get me and take me back to the van and OhPrincess2. You see, its still not warm here. She plans on taking me to work in the morning as well. The forcast for tomorrow? -10°s; for the morning walk. Brrr! Thats cold even for me!


Sandy C. said...

Good grief! It's 28F degrees here, and I'm miserable INSIDE! That doesn't even seem compatible with human life :(

Glad to hear your getting into the swing of things at work!