Monday, February 18, 2008

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I'm giving up the whole title motif, but I did go to work today.

Work is going well. Today marks the first time I went from my desk to the cafeteria and back and get this...I didn't get lost! When you work at the largest hospital in just about any where, you'll quickly find out just how easy it is to get lost.

I'm a major geek. Look at the title of this blog. The entire floor I work on is geek heaven. You can hear a pin drop in here. Just about everyone here uses headphones to listen to music.

My music collection is pretty large. At my last job, I only had a few gigs of music. I could store the music on my work computer. With this new job, I've decided to do something different. I went out and bought a Western Digital 250GB Passport drive. These things are great! Best Buy had them on sale last week for $129. An amazing price for one of these. I loaded it up with every song I have. Sweet!

Today is President's Day. Quite a few people I work with were gone today. Normally, this would mean you get lots done. Too bad I'm new. I still need lots of help just finding the bathroom.

G, I couldn't agree more. The girls here won't start the dishwasher unless its full and there are no more dishes in the cupboards. Usuaully, I get home, run the dishwasher, empty it, and filler up again. Ugg!

FOF - I've looked at the whole satellite radio thing and I'll be honest, I think I'd love it. I just can't convince the Mrs. I need a subscription. I think I'd really like it.
Time for some Guitar Hero III! Everyone who knows the joy of ringing ears and neck pain from back in the day needs this game....ROCK ON!


The Father of Five said...

Well, keep this in mind too... If you are in a "bunker" at work, or if that window of yours is coated with UV protectant (to help keep the building cool) like my building is, then you WILL NOT get a signal inside. I do at home, but not at work...

The HD is a good idea too - we are not allowed to do that at work - What I have done is got a small little COBY boombox with a USB connection on it - I fill a thumb drive up - and voila!!